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    I, playing ESF since Alpha 1.6 (cant remember exactly, but before 1.8) dont like the new melee system in beta 1.1 and all I do on a server is getting kicked around with melee. you cant charge up a beam without getting meleed, I personally think the game should be more concentrated on beam fights...
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    K-H-H disappeared

    i fought a battle with 7 bots at kamis "white" room. After the bots and i reached a powerlevel about 350 000 000, my kame-hame-ha beam disappeared. I wasnt able to see the beam & explosion and the attack made no damage. the other beams worked as usually. i dont know if this is a specific problem...
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    Seems Nobody Noticed

    Where are the light beams spreading out of the explosions? :shocked: Why did you remove them? I hope the framerate wasnt the problem. give me an answer plz, thx
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    PowerUp FX

    What I see is, Vegeta gains energy to get an SSJ, but dont make this thingi (he don't strechs out his arms and shout) This would be awesome. Maybe you understand what I want to say;D
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    Akimbot 2.4

    For all missed this information. Akimbot 2.4 will no more support ESF. :( Bluesy will cut this mods out of coming releases (2.4): - Dragon Mod Z - Worms HL - MegaMan X HL - Snow Wars - Earth`s Special Forces - Holy Wars
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    All skins

    I think, all the models for ESF are the maximum. (hl engine) But the face-skins look a bit unreal, not this :] smiling for vegeta. Or this angry face (piccolo). Yeah, nobody sees your face in game but then it would be perfectly. *spam your comments or delete this fool thread.
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    Comments to my Vegeta skin

    Comments to my (improved) Vegeta skin I want to hear your comments about this skin, I made in Paint *lol. And look at normal vegetas mouth (?) , what a detail. lol Ok say what you want to say.
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    Hey,hi, if someone in the forums, is called Swiss_Cheese (MapperName), he should reply. Because I love sdbz_kamelook and it would be k3wl to play this map still in the next version of ESF. This map is magnificent(?), with the Quittenturm (tower?) [i dont know the english word], Kami's...
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    SSJ Goku

    I hope the SSJ Goku is an ALPHA, because the hair is too short and he look like he hadn't slept for a month. His trousers look a bit like steve orkle's. *lol
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    Camera-Angel wrong (90° turned)

    If I play, I see my player from the side (not behind him). I hope you guys have an idea, maybe something with the models. It sucks to play in 1st person. A pic doesn't help, because I made one, and I am not able to see my player. (He isnt on the pic)
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    I didnt know where to post this, but the hips (or whatever its called) of gohan are a bit small. I'm not a english expert, but I hope you guys understand what I mean.