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    Yo this is cool idea!!!!! I have one question though, what exactly happens if someone has someone else in a submission and then another person melees. Who gets hurt or what happens, do they both get stunned?
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    Holding someone and slamming him to the floor

    Hehe, would be funny once you hold someone and instead of a wall, you slam him against another enemy. :yes:
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    meleeing beams

    Yeah this would encourage teamwork a bit. Hehe someone fires a kamehameha, you try to hit it away but it's way to powerful and kills you. But at least you saved your teammate.
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    Adding Chaiotzu with Tien

    I think for every attack Tien has, if you hold right click 2 bars show up, 1 for Chaiotzu and other for Tien. I think Chaiotzu will have the same beam attack every time. I think it would be cool if Tien did his tri beam and Chaiotzu shot a beam though the triangle. Also Tien and Chaiotzu...
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    Adding Chaiotzu with Tien

    Yeah I agree they should be put in. Chaiotzu and Tien are part of the Z fighters so they should be included in the game. Also since they are both weak they can be put in as one. I like the idea of 2 health bars. But I think it should be Tien has 100 hp and Chaiotzu just 30. I don't think...
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    under 10 hp

    Well maybe it could be like this. If you have 100% health you have 100% of your normal pl. If you lose 50% of your health you lose 50% of your ki. So if you have 1% health you have 1% of your ki.
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    idea of advanced melee system

    You could teleport during swooping. You just have to be fast. If you swooping and a beam is heading for you quickly press left click hold a direction and press r and left click again to continue swooping. If you do it fast enough it looks like you never stoped swooping.
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    Smacking someone who is flipping

    This would encourage a bit of teamwork. Also why not put it in, it's not too often someone will be able to catach someone.
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    wall jumping

    I think this should be definitely put in the game.
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    Putting Tien and having Multi form.

    Maybe Cell should be able to do this as well since he has cells of Tien. If the team doesn't want to add Tien in the game, maybe they could just make Cell be able to do Multi Form. Maybe there could be a botten you press so you change which Tien you are controlling. If you get real good at...