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    need help installing!!!

    ok here it goes i downed the patch....i have steam installed.So i try to install the 1.2 files and then i get an error message saying MSVBVM60.dll file is missing and that he couldn't open the external file DEFPL.exe....anybody have any idea how i can fix this
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    Full Dbz Numbers

    i dont get it you can find that on every dbz site!!!!whats the point??
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    Help with Hair

    does any1 here know how i can get from .ms3d format to .mdl format!!!! pleaaase help i'm desperate
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    the new beta

    dunno but when its out youlle see it :)
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    Crashing esf because of bots?

    can anyone tell me what key opens the consule pl!!!
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    KI bot exiting to Console on LAN game -

    i'm new so this will probably be a dumb question but how can i get bots in the game