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    transformation effects

    When I trans, it doesnt make any sound or anything. is this because I did something wrong, or because they aren't added in yet?
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    Open Beta Help

    I'm having a seriously hard time using esf oben beta. I have fully installed esf, I go to the latest version of open beta, and under full release I click half life 2 files mirror. Then I extract the file and copy and paste it into half life. I try to open up esf, but nothing has changed. What am...
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    How do you use Buu's absorption? I tried getting to a high enough pl, but it never worked. When I maxed out my turbo and tried it, I started absorbing myself.
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    character help

    i just downloaded open beta yesterday, and everythings working fine except that I can only be Goku, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, 18, and Krillin. Why can't I play with the other characters?
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    can't find half-life

    I looked in many stores but i can't find any stores that have regular half-life 1. anyone know a store that has it?
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    How do u instal namek.wad?

    hello. it wuz buggin me that i couldnt play sum maps cuz i didnt hav namek.wad, so i found a few places where i could download it. so i tried, but i couldnt open it, but i could save it, so i saved it in my esf folder, but i still cant play the maps. am i doin sumthin wrong?
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    can't uninstal esf

    Hello. i have a huge problem. i wuz playin esf, and then dis ting bout steam popped up and i had a problem wit it until i emailed dem. dey emailed me back and fixed da problem, but now i have nother problem. esf wuz kinda screwy, so i wanted 2 uninstal it. it asked me if i wanted 2 uninstal it...
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    Steam problems

    i really need help. i wuz playin evm, and then dis steam thing pops up and asks me 2 put in my password, but i forgot. so it said dat it would send me an e-mail, but my e-mail address changed. i dont know how 2 delete an account either. :(...