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    Spawn sig

    well i have had this for a while and just never showed it to anyone, so im looking for some c&c i guess.... :] should be fixed
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    some ideas

    ok just whenever esf decieds to put in the ssj3 they could have it to where your ki goes down faster cause he cant stay in it as long and are u going to fix the gohan cause the hair looks weird
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    burnning attack

    ok well u all know trunks burnning attack well when me and my friends were playing today and got like a pl of 40 mill well naturle all the other beams of such as vegeta get bigger at that pl but trunks attack isnt that big it didnt have a big exploding radious now i dont know if its suposed to...
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    hey whats the coade to make your words glow in your sig anyonw know please tell me tyo_o
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    boom speed

    hey i need some help on boom speed see i signed up and i clicked browse to upload my sig and then i upload it and i cant find it whats worng here
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    hey i just though of this because it was on jk2 sortof but u know how piccalo is always meditating well i was thinking you could make him or others do that and all this lighting goes around him and he gets this glow man that would be so cool
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    has anyone heard anything more on the new dbz games that are coming out for the platforms:S
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    hey can someone make me a sig of person: Yoda Colors: Green/Blue Words: The True Jedi Cold One if someone could do that i would thankful effects: just make it look COOL
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    hey i have found this mod i have never seen looks pretty good to me websites is check it out well i just found that it takes you to a rebirth of fusion well go to the affiliates on that page and find dbu then click and your there
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    conback imp

    hey im trying to play dmz because it looks better with spins models but anyways it comes up and says when i try to get into a sever or create one that it couldnt open conback imp then shuts down???? whats worng
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    i lost the glow can some one give me the code please