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    natural selection 3.0 is released :o

    hooray for ns ^^ ====> downloads ohh and u need steam to play it ^^
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    cheater/scripter/aimbot user

    found a little cheater today ;-) ( or perhaps he was an unknown pro but does a pro hower ? ) things he used : -scripts : teleport script ( double teleports to me and alway to me even if i swoop he´s in front of me ) combo script ( never saw that anybody...
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    ssj2 goku = done :P

    first a rule :p 1.) no crits because he´s done won´t change something thx and credits to : -smo who inspired me and gave me the idea how to build several things -azn who gave me the idea how to build a foot took me 24 hours to build the whole model
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    how to add a sound to an animation

    didn´t found a tut about this here so i made one :) 1.) open ur qc file 2.) search the line with the animation and add this after it { event 5004 0 "x/y.wav" } x = the foldername ( must be in esf/sound) y=the soundname $sequence "ref_unsheath" "ref_unsheath" fps 20 {...
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    call me a noob modler

    here are my first models ( poly by poly O_o ) 1.) a sword :p credits : original skinner of the sword 2.) part of a body :
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    where is the map

    i looked through the old gallery and found a pic of a strange map here and here i don´t know this map but it´s looking great so was this just a test map which shouldn´t be released?
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    here is my first esf map it´s nothing special just a try to make a good map it also includes some features like a health pool or breakable walls ...
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    here is my first edited aura :tired: credits to Asension X for the original aura (preview) here is the medium version here is the lare version
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    help: pic

    i need a pic from the namekian spaceship for my first map so if anyone has a pic post it here plz :talk:
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    goku gt pack

    i made a goku gt pack which includes these models chibi goku (normal , ssj , ssj3) goku (normal ,ssj ,ssj2 ,ssj3,ssj4) redaura with that lightning stuff (my first reskinn ;) ) and some sprites here some pics
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    request : models

    DaKD if you read this could you send me your models which are on your site but which can´t be downloaded ? thx [email protected] ( couldn´t send him a private message because his box is full :( )
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    bebi vegeta

    I got the new bebi vegeta model. In a word ,stunning. Everyone who want it my email address is chrizs[email protected] I will sent you immediately the model when i get the mail :scared:
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    request : who has these models

    I searched many hours after these models but i couldn´t find them Here is the link where they are only posted copy and paste o_o