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    Gokussj WIP

    Hi, i made this about month ago and now i decided that i can finish it.Some good drawovers would be great. there are 2775 polygons and 4651 Tris and it doesnt matter to this model how many polys it will have making just for fun... here are some screens... credits to Mr. phonso for letting...
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    Cooler [W.I.P]

    Again i havnt posted here in a while was inspired by zeq2 models so i wanted to make one more dbz model. somebody maybe seen it on zeq2 forums but so many ppl havnt replied so i post it here. about the chess I will match it after I will have a full model done its a bit hard to make legs I...
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    Mel Gibson

    well i just wanted to try new head modeling technicue and i found some refs for mel gibson so iam on it i worked on it couple of hours its still a wip... but i think there is allready somethink what you can crit
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    Audi [dunno which model really]

    Dont rememebr when i posted here last time. This is my first attemp for modeling a car. Ou well once i made a Kaios car but i dont remeber when that was. It still needs work in the back, fixing propotions a little and more detailing...
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    Adult SSJGohan[blue suit]

    i started this Gohan and i need your crits i still havnt connected allmos all the parts together,that i can edit it easier. This model is just for fun but crits would really help for some improvment.
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    Hi, dont remeber when i made a thread here last time, but i need crits from you now... Credits: Big thx to Wolf for his help with crits. here are 3 shots i think you can crit from these. Update - lowered belt
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    Vegeta buu saga

    long time havnt post ... now i wanna show you my latest project..... vegeta is one from my favorites especially majin... thx to DarkSniper for his hairs and basic shape head, to supervegeta89 for his draws crits and others.... now i need crits from you i know its still not done ... hands need...
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    Vegeta .....

    give me some cpme crits for this i need allot of that ... currently working on armor will post update latter
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    here is my krillin gice crits please and if somebody have a good tutorial on arms and head with neck give me please.
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    my models

    here they are one guy told me to post tham on this forums here is krillin last update
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    i have finshied model and export to smd and than mdl but its still the same. Like when i have exported from .mdl