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    Favorite FF Character?

    What is your Favorite Final Fantasy Character? I didnt make a poll because I dont know how, and I couldnt name all the Characters Either. My Favorite character is Zell From FF8. I like the way he didnt need weapons, He just Socked the S#%t out of everything. That and he reminds me of myself...
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    Is There a way to go back to the old forum style

    This new Update doesnt really seem to work on this computer, most of the options and pictures are red x's or not available. So im Wondering if there's A way or an option to revert back to the old Forum style, Which I liked alot. Thank you very much,
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    Help, cant Upload Custom Avatar or enter URL for it

    ok, I got the sweet sig, (thx to magus) but now I need a Avatar to go with it, heres the URL I can't seem to upload it to my profile, can anyone do this for me? I also have it on my computer. When I try to Upload directly from...
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    Can someone make me a sig?

    Can someone, ANYONE Make me a 400x100 Sig? PM for details my current sig sux
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    Has anyone Here Tried or Use GameFly? It's Really easy and they have a Good selection. I've used it for about a month now, and I'm Happy with it, no Late charges or Return dates. Best of all, the money I save on Gas driving to the video store, now goes towards the cheap $21.95 per month for the fee.
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    How do u link words to Websites?

    what I mean is, How can u make the link to be a sentence, or some words Click here ^^^ like that, and it would link you to a website.
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    A number of Issues

    Ok, This game is great and all, but It's just too bug ridden to actually enjoy as at the same degree of , oh say CS, or another popular working game. Hopefully, none of you are experiencing any problmes likes the one I am about to present to you. Is it just me? Or does it take 30 minutes to...
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    Final Fantasy XI Benchmark - Check it out.

    On fileplanet, there is a file called the "Final Fantasy XI - Official Benchmark for Windows" It tests to see if your PC meets the requirements to play it. It's also a benchmark. Search for it, I just got down downloading it and im about to fire it up P4 2.66/533 MHZ FSB XP Home 512...
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    Never Seen DBGT? Now's your chance

    Hey everybody, there's a website where u can download all the DB Series shows and some of the movies, most of them are in english: no warez please The GT's are in english, and the best part is they are free!!!!!! You need Real player, they are in RM. And you need ANTI LEECH. and...
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    Whats the Highest level you've ever reached?

    AS.... Goku: 62,mil /w SSJ Buu: 9 mil, trans Cell: 18 mil, trans Gohan: 23 Mil as SSJ Krillin: 4 Mil -.- Frieza: Like 6 mil... with trans Piccolo: 123 MIL!! :) Vegeta: 99 mil.... Trunks: 262 mil. (2 hours of wishing, I was so strong that I could kill a ssj gohan with 3 ki blasts)
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    Thank You, Mr. Satan

    Mr. Satan, your script pack REALLY helped my game alot! Now, I get Fewer Disconnects, Lower ping, better SPRITES and MUCH BETTER FPS!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I always get 100 fps no matter what the situation, even with AA and AF enabled :) I would recommend that anyone who is experienceing...
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    -==SPECS=- Pentium4 Processer, Clocked at 2660 MHZ @ 533 MHZ FSB 512 DUAL CHANNEL RAM RUNNING AT 333MHZ (Synced with FSB) Radeon 9800 non pro, Flash BIOSed TO a 9800 PRO 128MB AGP 8x Xp Home, All background programs closed, Divert system resources to Applications, Best perfermance...
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    1.More attacks. Please 2.Newer, later saga characters would be a GREAT bonus and make Everyone want to play this game. Preferabbly Adult Gohan. Teen Goten would be also good. I saw this one DBGT where goten sticks both of his arms akimbo, Charges and throws twin Purple beams that twist around...
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    Crashes to Desktop!

    1.2 GHZ P-3 512 SDR RAM GF4MX440 /w AGP 8X AC'97 sound This is something that has been happening since sunday all of a sudden (that was 2 days ago). It can load the servers when the update button is clicked, and it can even go into console and load the game....kinda. See what happens...