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    A couple of sigs.

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    Crashing >.>

    When i try and play a LAN game my ESF just blacks out. Is there a way to fix this? it has been dodgey for a while but now it is really bad...
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    Another GIF movie, Trunks VS Cell.

    Okay, did that with 49 franmes, I know Cel moves a bit wonkey and slow but im working on that in my next Animation :D anyother comments are welcome :)
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    A really random Gif movie I made

    I was looking at jp's gif movies and wanted to try my own, well here goes...
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    Whenever I try to play ESF It says Mt ESF Executible if out of date, I have the patch Installed and I dont understand! Help Please!!!
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    I've looked everywere...

    I've looked everywere and I cant find the map esf_mtside, can somone please give me a link to this map? Thank you
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    SSJ in 1.1

    In Beta 1.1 can I become a Super Sayan cause I cant use Steam yet cause im using my brothers Game but Im getting my own game and I really wantto play this Mod. But im wondering if you can.
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    Can somone help please...

    Whenever I run the Mod from the Desktop it asks for a file called Steam.exe... I cant find it. Can somone help me please? Thanks