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    Somethin Neo made

    if you want to use this give proper credit, he made this from scratch, but he got banned from esf for some reason, so he wanted you guys to see this! whatcha think?
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    Riddle me this?

    ok every 1 post therr favorite riddle :) mine: what is greater than god, more evil than the devil, the poor have it, the rich need it, and if you eat it u die?
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    allright, i say we have a 2v2 sig makin comp, this is how it works, 2 teams of 2 will both work on a sig jointly (sending psd back and forth) until they are happy with the final product! also the theme should be naruto.
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    New Siggers....meh

    well critz please
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    "Program Not Rsponding"

    about 2 weeks ago we crashed our comp to get rid of poop-up=no more esf.... ok i have tried every thing, first i went to filefront, downloaded it, didnt work, i would get into the instalation and it would say "checking for previously downloaded soft ware" or spmething, then it would say...
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    well i want to challanege someone, dont know who is willing to Fight me but anyone will do?
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    i think im gettin it

    well its way better than my last 1, which one should i use? EDIT: added a border
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    i know i know

    ok it sounds like a newbie question, but everybody has to start somewhere, how can i get the game, i checked the links to fileplanet and stuff, couldnt get them to work
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    a couple a matchin sigs

    well whatcha think, i like em, seeing as how i am a newb to PS and i made those using PS7 with no plug ins, i didnt use bryce or anything
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    how do i..........

    center my sig?
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    hello hello

    well im new here so.....i hope to be staying and posting, i cant figure out how to play the game yet but in time i will