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    Samurai Jack WIP

    german_boy please fix your sig so it follows the rules its total file size is over the 600K limit. I have edited it so the images are not being showed as it increases page load times dramitically. Kama Haka, please conduct yourself in a better manner comments like that will not be...
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    Gods gift to females... birthday baby?!?!

    Happy BDay!!! :D /me sexes Dev up
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    Upgrading Computer nEEd help!

    What i would buy if i was you:- Intel Pentium IV 2.4C IC7 Motherboard Radeon 9600 Pro Sound Baster Live 512DDR Ram Thats a decent setup and the 2.4C is capable of running at about 3.2Ghz on stock cooling. Also the topic is in the wrong place moved to Off-Topic BrunO
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    Happy Birthday Greg!

    Ave a good one Happy Bday Greg! :D BrunO
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    My Goodbye

    Hope to see ya call back every now and again. BrunO
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    opengl problem

    Yeah buts its poosibel he has an ATi Card which in that case the drivers wont werk. If you wnat drivers for your correct card then:- ATi:- nVidia:- Make sure you download the correct drivers for your operating system. Yeah i have been a...
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    ESF Sexiest Team Members

    Stryker is teh S£[email protected] No its not its his Irish part!!! :p Just look at me isnt that evidence enough :p ;) Masta = Photoframe Man!!! BrunO
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    opengl problem

    What Graphix card do you have? What is rong is that you are using the default windows drivers which to not contain the OpenGL API. Also try change the video render to DirectX instead of OpenGL that might help. Bruno
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    Sounds liek a good idea put proper rules and judging must be used to make it a fair and useful league. BrunO
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    multiple transforming

    Mentioned many times before, and shijing has provided a sufficient answer, please read the stickies. CLOSED BrunO
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    vBulletin 3.0.0

    Cool now i finally know what those green dots are. It also lets us see who the more valuable members of the forum are! :D /me likes the new forum BrunO
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    More ssj levels

    Please read the stickies this topic has been covered sooooooo many times. CLOSED BrunO
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    skinning contest

    My favourite skin in the contest so far! Cant wait to see the face more detailed. Shoes are excellent! :D:yes: BrunO
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    Top 5 All Time Bands

    A Man that knows his Mike Patton. :D Anul **** are crap :p Mike patton isnt in anal **** is he? BrunO
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    Why that name?

    It by what everyone knows me be they on the net or in real life, its my nick and its stuck. Came from the fact I used to do boxing and after the British boxer Frank Bruno who suck the fat one! ;) lol BrunO
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    Top 5 All Time Bands

    Good to see Tool has a decent following, im really appreciating there music as of late! Cuc have you heard any ok Mike Pattons other bands like Mr Bungle? Its a whole lot weirder. BrunO
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    Top 5 All Time Bands

    You know Maiden ROCK! /me adds Maiden to his list! BrunO
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    Top 5 All Time Bands

    Go on everyone list there top 5 all time bands I'll start: (In no particular order) 1. Black Sabbath 2. Tool 3. Primus 4. Led Zeppelin 5. Rage against the Machine Iron Maiden (They just belong in this list!:D) Other bands worth mentioning: The Music Courduroy Modest Mouse...
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    # of posts

    Thats the forum moderators hard at work. BrunO
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    back in the day...

    /me feels nostalgic too I remember to old days, small group of people and a fair bit of trouble. [DbZ] and the [gF] Clans bitter as bitter could be. I liked the old days. Everything was sig making. Cuc and his red and yellow sig with some text on it. The old days ah.......... BrunO