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    Iron Chef America!!! Vote

    The Americans win every battle. The battles against the japanese iron chefs are a shameless attempt to legitimize the americans, who couldn't cook their way out of a wet paper bag, by fixing the outcomes. If the Americans are good enough to beat the japanese chefs, then obviously their show is...
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    info on the dbz live action movie

    Keanu Reeves as Gohan. Wow that made my day. SSJ2! Whoa!
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    Mic help

    I'm looking for a good mic to use with halflife games that require vocal team communication (cs, ns, etc.) Does anyone have any recommendations? If you do please tell me both your favorite overall, and which you think is the most economical, I'm not looking to spend to much on it. Thanks for any...
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    a map i made

    Very nice map, sky barriers are great, no more backing away into the side of a map from your enemy and blowing yourself up with your beam.
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    Final Flash

    Thank you for the straight answer. For the naysayers though, I don't recall seeing Trunks beam jumping with burning attack or most of the characters with generic beam. In a game I had a fully charged final flash ready to fire, when my target threw a spirit bomb at me. One of his team mates also...
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    Final Flash

    You can't beam jump using Final Flash. I don't know if this was intended, but it seemed worth mentioning.
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    Dragonball test map

    I used to have a map in which all the dragonballs were close together, but I can't find it anymore. It was very useful for seeing how a model looked transformed, or just to show off the transformed characters to my friends who haven't played yet. Does anyone remember and have a link to this map...
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    Non-Battle Damaged Gohan Model

    I've been searching the forum for a link to a site with AzN's non-battle damaged gohan model, but all I can find are the battle damaged variety or the red suit version. Could anyone give me a link to it. Thank you for any help.
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    New Meele Methodz?!?!?

    The winner of a head to head match is now determined by ki I believe. If you charge at me from halfway across the map, and just before you hit me I start swooping towards you, I will win the head on because you spent all your ki rushing towards me. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but thats how...
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    Install Problems

    Its working now, I had no idea a program could actually come out of [Not Responding], I thought that meant it was crashed for good, thank you all very much for your help and patience.
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    Install Problems

    It switches to [Not Responding] and freezes, it doesn't crash and give me an error message.
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    Install Problems

    I've force closed it a couple of dozen times and restarted my computer 4 times, please don't accuse me of being impatient.
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    Install Problems

    Did as you suggested, still freezes everytime at searching for previous components, trying to redownload and try again, but now I've hit all the traffic hehe, any other suggestions?
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    Install Problems

    Installation of 1.1 keeps crashing at checking for previous installed components, I've uninstalled beta 1.0, installed it, then uninstalled it again, any ideas, thanks for any thoughts.
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    I reinstalled halflife on my new computer and can't bring up the console, and I can't remember how I fixxed it the last time. Any help would be most appreciated, thank you.