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  1. DareDevil

    ESF model wrong

    Heh I love responding when people say "Dare" Okay this is the thing Solid_Rock you are right, now before anyone could flame me plz dont heh if they are going to make models might as well skin em to make them look relistic (they are making them 1000+ just like quake 3 models so dont say its...
  2. DareDevil

    Half-Life Poly Count?

    lol you all might as well just use the Quake 3 Engine for a better run but who cares I guess, Nertz to all the crappy comps! lol I ahve a 266mhz 111 mb ram =P 8 gigs 200 mbs free weeeee
  3. DareDevil

    Need help for SIG!

    Heh I dont know about you but that aint no pro sig that you got there lmfao, that sig isnt done I said that already didnt I?
  4. DareDevil

    teh biggest lie ever si?

    Is Hibiki and I the only stupid people that have no earthly idea what the hell this post is about. lol
  5. DareDevil

    Plz help!!!!

    *tisk tisk* welp this might be the prob with most people they dont know what it will do if they give it to you. Maybe if you explain what the file does they might be a little more willing.
  6. DareDevil

    pcjoe i need some help

    Not that its any of my business but ill give it a try... You can find many many tutorials on making different items but you have to be specific here is a great tutorial on making a basic humany person :) GOODLUCK
  7. DareDevil

    SSJ Majin Vegeta Model

    Sorry to tell ya but angel fire doesnt support that you have to find somewhere else ;P try here
  8. DareDevil

    King Kai's Planet

    You see what happens Night is that when they make really really detailed maps, when you render it (build the map so people can play in it) it takes way to long plus there is a limit to how high people can go, If you want I will try and see how high the map can go but I dunno
  9. DareDevil


    Well Im not really sure why you are trying to Import but okay, I think that thats the only modeling program there is for Half-Life besides 3dsmax even then I dont know.... Is your Milkshape registered?
  10. DareDevil

    how to?

    Well you have to really get to know modeling first you will want to download milkshape and try it in there first,
  11. DareDevil

    King Kai's Planet

    This is a good idea but ya it cant be done Im working on a map but you wont be able to go all the way around it its kinda stupid lol but i will make it
  12. DareDevil

    im new....

    You need to get a program called WorldCraft in order to map for Half-Life. If you would like to create maps for ESF then look for the files you need on this site. Good Luck.
  13. DareDevil

    Half-Life Poly Count?

    Oh cool
  14. DareDevil

    Need help for SIG!

    Well Im working on a sig for ya do you want me to continue and see how it comes out? PS: I know its really really low quality here is another link to a better pic of it...
  15. DareDevil

    Just a sig.

    Who me ? Damn you have a good memory if you mean me lol I used that sig for a couple of days then I trashed it, It was to big.
  16. DareDevil

    The Goku Sig I Made

    The upload place didnt work
  17. DareDevil

    Just a sig.

    Here i made this one if you dont like it just tell me lol Im not really good at makin sigs =P
  18. DareDevil

    Trunks Model

    Oh that model... Well its okay its not amazing and its not shitty so its medium :) Dont get me wrong Im not putting it down Im just saying I have seen better but then again Im from Bid forpower editing forum and some people there are like modeling gods :rolleyes:
  19. DareDevil

    Form2 - a new era

    Ah well you see this is the thing with Cell okay. Its a long story but to shorten it up cell has 3 stages 1. Imperfect cell this stage is when he has not obsorbed any androids at all it is his first stage. 2. Imperfect cell but he absorbed 1 android and thats why he looks like a frog...
  20. DareDevil

    Planet Vegeta Map

    I think it would use more power to fly and uh stuff Im not sure lol. Well I wasnt a big help was I.