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    edited to be nice
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    How do you add a custom sky?

    i downloaded a skybox file called and i was wondering where i place the file? i found in hammer it just says 'enviromentmap cl_skyname' and then a box and i was wondering does the file i mentioned go in C:\SIERRA\Half-Life\esf\gfx\env because there are no files of that type in there...
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    dont bother playing as cell, krillin and buu

    if for example your on a sever as cell stage 2 with the average starting pl at 7 million and then you can turbo for 9 mil say, why is it that then someone spawning as vegita also starts at 7 mil can go ssj bringing him to 10 mil and then turboing to 12 mil? that kinda makes it a bit hard for...
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    my new map, its a large map that takes up all of worldcraft and ppl who map will know thats quite large. its currently for dmz as you can see and is in the early stages and is no-where near done yet when the map is finished and the new version of esf is out i will make an esf convertion
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    Its my b-day

    Its my b-day and i got a whole wait for it.................nothing. shows how much family care. its my 17th i should be paraletic by now :( :(
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    Buu and his attacks

    I haven't yet seen the Buu saga and i don't want to encourage a huge spam of charater bios on Buu, but what i would like to know is what sort of attacks he uses and what attacks he is likely going to have in the next release as i know some attacks would be hard to program so attcks that would...