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  1. MopageBoy

    When was Kame Torpedo Used?

    Um i havnt seen the whole series of dbz for quite some time... but when was the kame torpedo actually used in the show, i cant remember it...
  2. MopageBoy

    Love's Wind I + II

    A Naruto Spin off. It is the same time, same place, diffrent people, diffrent story. Enjoy. I posted here because there is a lot of fan fic fans and fight club fans here. here is volume one and two of the story. Now be nice this is my first and second go at writing something like this :D...
  3. MopageBoy

    a program i need

    i was just wondering wether there is such a program witch lets me put a reminder into it and when that day/time comes it will have a little pop up which tells me what i wanted to remember. any1 know??? i could really use a program like that or similer like the stickys u can use on mac's
  4. MopageBoy

    Clientdll 4 the alpha

    um i downloaded the old esf 2.0 alpha and where ever i get it from it has some sort of error... so ive given up and asking 4 help, now can anyone plz send me the client dll cos its missing it.
  5. MopageBoy

    Smo! a skinning suggestion

    hay Smo nice skinning job you did on trunks. ive got a suggestion for u. with his sword you should make it shiny like freeza's chest is. it would look preety cool.
  6. MopageBoy

    high quality models

    if i check this option will it do anything? in 1.1 it screwed trunks' sword up does it mess with anything or make anything better in 1.2
  7. MopageBoy


    whats the new POTM about? i know it's a model but whats so special about it?
  8. MopageBoy

    new sig

    new sig. crits plz :) open to anything it's the only way ill learn :laff:
  9. MopageBoy


    i downloaded the alpha and when i go to play it loads up and then just scrws up. the loading screen scrolls halfway up the screen and it freezes and i have one of those hl unexpectily quit things to get rid of. any one help?
  10. MopageBoy

    small sugestion

    just a small but useful suggestion. when u press the home button now it restets the rotation of the camera but not the zoom. imo it should reset the zoom cos when ever i play with the zoom i can never get it just right .
  11. MopageBoy

    Deflection varyantion

    I was reading imkingkongs thread on trunks sword and i had an idea. when ur holding block and a weak blast comes at you you deflect it right. well what i propose is that when a ball comes at you and ur at the power level which lets you randomly flick it away you can sometimes eg 1/10 karate...
  12. MopageBoy


    Every body says that the alpha explosions were the best is there a way to experience the alpha without disturbing my beta??
  13. MopageBoy

    The Best Fight!

    What do you people out there think is the ultimate fight in DB, DBZ, DBGT? personally i think that the fight between goku and krillin was a totally sweet fight in DB. Mainly because it was so cool but so realistic. ;)
  14. MopageBoy

    Dust trails....?

    Yeah what happend to them? they were cool
  15. MopageBoy

    Mp3 player

    hay that fmod file was supposed to fix the mp3 player right? it diddn't fix mine it still dont play when im playing. but i can overcome it by pressing Esc and going to custoise, advanced and uncheaking and recheacking Mp3 player, after i start a sever. need fixation getting really annoying
  16. MopageBoy

    Gohan model

    No offence to who ever made the current gohan model but his hair really really bugs me. dose any one know where i can find a 1.2 compatable cell saga gohan who isn't violators??? no offence violator but i need a normal gohan sorry if it's in the wrong area just didn't think it shoud go in...
  17. MopageBoy


    Pwn?? ok i can guess what it means... But what does it really mean????
  18. MopageBoy

    Missing fonts

    when i start a game in the console it reads something like this; missing bitmap: 1024_scouterstats text.tga missing bitmap: 1024_Melee text.tga Do they do anything and if i do can i dl it from some where to put back in?
  19. MopageBoy

    DL speeds

    i hear people saying they dl things at 100kbs per sec on a DSL connection. i have a DSL connection and i only DL things at like 15-20kb per sec??? is there something wrong with my config or are they just talking about the connection speed???? Sorry if this shouldn't be in this area
  20. MopageBoy


    i think this should be here. How do you find out what your computer system has without taking ur computer apart. i can only find out what cpu i have and how much ram. is there a way to tell what graphics card i have by clicking on an option somewhere in windows (i have XP)????