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    New Characters! Prz ?

    I know its not happening in 1.1 but in Beta two will we get to see some more characters ? (Not just more transformations) Tienshinhan = Would make the game so leet heh
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    new version

    Um what about Tienshinhan? I mean sure hes not a huge character but never in DBZ is he weaker then krillen and he has a nice assortment of moves =) -cry- <3 Tien
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    Raditz Petition!

    Tien almost beats long haired trunks.. so I'd say hes even stronger than piccolo (If you have Kazaa just search for Tien and there will be 2 clips of him and trunks fighting) he would look so leet if they gave him his costume from the Buu saga too. he has a lot of attacks his best one where...
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    Who do you think is the best Character?

    Where's Tienshinhan? (Tien) :) -hopes they put tien in the game-