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  1. Basslover722

    Old Visitor Back Again!

    Hey guys. Some of you might remember me but i'm back to say hey, but i also have a predicament. I uninstalled steam a while ago and just installed it again. Problem is i dont remember my password and i think i found the right account. Other problem is, is that my old email address which is...
  2. Basslover722

    Im Back!

    Anyone remember me? I used to like post on these forums alot like a maybe year ago? /sign if you do :D
  3. Basslover722

    Might be bug?

    1.Hmm well i was screwing around the other day on my server and alot of people started to come in and i was like oh great people to annoy me cause i was just testing stuff. Well i was cell and i was killing a Ultimate bot and he was being ki blobed by someone so i went into the blob and shot a...
  4. Basslover722

    HeheRmm Bug?

    Yea well ive been playing the most "recent" open beta release and ive got one thing to report about it. I know that the open beta is a wip and idk if you already know this but i find that when im melee ing someone with just right clicking them, to push them away and when i get pushed to recover...
  5. Basslover722

    WoW trouble....

    Hey well ive finished my quest in buying WoW. Ive installed it and everything but this keeps annoying me..i sign in and then it says update is now ready then i downlaoad a huge ass patch that takes 2 hours, then it happens again, and again. Im on my 3rd patch download. excuse my language but how...
  6. Basslover722

    Guys help MEH!

    Ok well guys im in a sticky sit. that i was gonna ask my trusty ESF'ers out there to help me with. Look i like WoW. I tied the trial version and it was pretty fun. i got my tauren in 14 days up to lvl 15 :p. I was wondering what i should do because..... 1.Im not completely rich or wealthy but i...
  7. Basslover722

    Tis Snowing!

    Well it was about honestly 12:00 here in virginia when i turned on the weather channel and saw what you may ask......snow on the radar. Eventually i got off my ass to look out the window and what did i see? SNOW!!!!! and plenty of it!. Pray for me guys that i get out of school tommorow! YEA FOR...
  8. Basslover722

    Yea few ?'s

    Ok well i haven't been experimenting a whole bunch with the Open Beta but still got me wondering. 1. Was Kongkongs Jenemba map released cause i can't find it.....and i see videos with other people having it. 2. wasn't there supposed to be a new class selection screen that was blue and showed...
  9. Basslover722

    Try it you might get addicted. :D

    Hello everyone i was bored and made a video of one of my best Line Riders. Yea yea yea i know what your thinking what the hell is a Line Rider you might ask. Well Line Rider is a really cool program/ game where you draw a line and this little guy rides it so watch the video and leave comment on...
  10. Basslover722

    What did you get?

    Well its was a pleasant Christmas for me at most parts. I got a DS game for chritstmas but the only bad thing is the DS lites were sold out. So now ive been waiting and waiting and looks like either the end of January or soon i might get my DS lite. So for christmas i got something i can't use...
  11. Basslover722

    Help meh!

    Hi yea i want to know how to disable my hud and stuff so i can take good pictures in game. BUt i do want to know also how to make it come back on. cause if i didn't id be screwed to the wall without a hud.
  12. Basslover722

    Good Models = Better Game Play?

    Just one question for you ESF'ers out there. Have you ever considered if you get a better looking model that you feel like you can win them over in ESF? Today i was playing around with SV's new Gohan at ssj2 and i felt so good because i was like owning all the bots on my server. So if you...
  13. Basslover722

    Hmm a problem.

    hi im using the trial version of Fraps to record stuff but its really laggy when i record and the video comes out like ****. If theres any way to not make it laggy i would like to know. Thank you.
  14. Basslover722

    Ok maybe wrong section but..

    Ok well i really want to learn how to make Vgui's for GFX in ESF. If its possible someone to give me a link to a tut. That would be appreciative. Whatever i just want to learn how to make some. Sorry if i posted in the wrong section.
  15. Basslover722

    Yea ive created something!

    I know its not much of what i did but a while back MC and Donnie and a whole bunch of other mappers tried helping and im back. NOw i only need your help with some stuff but also i need to figure out how to take photos of my work. I remeber MC telling me how but i forgot. PLease help me.
  16. Basslover722

    i want to model!

    Well i want to model but i can't cause my trial version on ms3d is over and i can't figure out what other thing i should do. Cause im low on money and don't want to buy it. :/
  17. Basslover722

    My first model and i need help!

    Hi im new to modeling and i was just messing around with ms3d. Here a few questions that i have but i don't know that they will make complete sense. 1. I want to make a model of the pokemon squirte but if i model him to a skeleton and hes to small for the skeleton will he not do the right...
  18. Basslover722

    Need something....

    Hi i was wondering out there who has a really good trans sound for gohan i got rid of the original and don't know if that was a good one. So let me know if you guys have a special trans sound that you like. And don't re direct me to esf world there were no good ones there. ;(
  19. Basslover722

    PLugin Trouble

    Hi i use some plugins before and stuff i have swoop trails and jump dust but i can't use swoop trails on my server only other peoples servers. JUmp dust though works everywhere. I won't be able to do anything with it for a while cause i don't have esf on this computer.
  20. Basslover722

    VAC. mY freind can't get in.

    HI im doing this for my friend he can't seem to get into vac. servers. Can oyu please help him out by telling me what to do. I remeber i use to not be ableto get on them but i downloaded the patch and then i could.