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    Need help with getting my models to work

    So i put the model files that i got from some website inside the C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\bradfisher\half-life\esf\models\player and i still got nothing wondering if someone can tell me why..this is the link i got it from...
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    Help please :)

    Idk where to put the files of models that im going to download is it C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\Half Life or is it in the models folder?
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    Question for open beta

    Will there be a story line? It looks so sick better than any dbz game ever made they can never get the story line or the characters or the game perfect not like esf has so just that questions and freakin ****ing fantastic job guys
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    something is wrong with my esf

    The graphics seem to be all messed up with my game like when i charge up these red squares will go around me instead of the actually charge up i had a problem with this game not too long ago so i deleted everything related to it but now that i reinstalled everything the graphics just suck is...
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    My esf crashes as soon as i start to play

    Idk what to do i unistalled all of it and reinstalled all the esf stuff then i start up the game create my game then when i have the choice of good or evil i pick one and it crashes saying Hunk alloc: failed on 65433 gygabites or w/e any suggestions? And on Open beta how do i make the graphics...
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    Need help

    Hey whenever i go to download the esf open beta i get all the random pop ups that i cant close and also it cant find the file i can download it but it cant find the actual game so any help? And also i have Esf 1.2.3 and the big pack 8.0 i cant get the 8.4 because it says server is too busy so...