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  1. Cyfore

    Is this a bug?

    ok so i was observing today. and as i was observing, i noticed something. i dont know if im the only person seeing this, but if you look at the screen with the topics and such, the views are always one higher than the replies(except for some topics with 0 replies). this could be an extremely...
  2. Cyfore


    ok, i remember a thread about the title under j00 name but i dont remember having one about the actual name. so whats up with your name? whered it come from? why is it the junk? and if it isnt the junk, then why do you still have it?
  3. Cyfore

    Anime for you and me

    go to the bottom one good? EDIT: Sorry! The administrator has specified that users can only post one message every 120 seconds. WHYYYYYY????
  4. Cyfore

    Retarded US troops

    did anybody hear about or see the 60 minutes thing about the US troops mistreating the iraqi POWs? that junk is sooo wrong on so many levels what they did. i have a link to some pics if you wanna see em(only if youre prepared to be shocked). but yeah... thats ridiculous.
  5. Cyfore


    OMG... Naruto 81 is out and its pretty good... if youre into that sorta thing. feel free to discuss your thought about this grand episode. damn i cant wait for the later eps(i read the manga) if you know what i mean...
  6. Cyfore

    steam got jacked?

    Program: D:\Valve\Steam\Steam.exe File: Src\CacheFileFixedDirectory.cpp Line: 1415 ListEntry.IsValid() (Press Retry to debug the application - JIT debugging must be enabled) ----------------------------------------------------------------------- If one was to encounter this error...
  7. Cyfore

    steam got jacked

    If one were to encounter this error while one was loading up steam, how would one solve one's problem???
  8. Cyfore

    steam+cd-key probs

    i got steam but when i get to the part where i put the cd-key in it says that I cant register. my cd-key works on WON, and i was wondering how i could solve the problem of my cd-key not working on steam. and another question(related to the above)...if you have previously used steam with the...
  9. Cyfore

    what yall know bout dem aviators

    ive noticed since the new forum dillyos came about that people that had this forums avatars are... how can i say this... not showing. y?
  10. Cyfore


    me... I was just wondering how if any people here play minesweeper and if so what are you best times and such