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    Just asking!!!!!

    Hey im just asking the stff if you are gonna give Normal Gohan Mesenko because he is missing it??? Thats all i ask and i hope Beta2 turnsout better or just as good as Beta1
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    wall jumping

    Ya thats a great idea but lets improve on it more lets say after yo bounce off the wall during a melle fight you do like a energy explosive powerfist and knock the Brownies outta the guy than would greatly honor the Legend of DBZ!!!!!!!! I Hope that the Staff can think this one out and put...
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    ssj 3,4

    EHEHhehehehe n00bs.... No offence Ok i dont know where you people pick up this crap ok There is no such thing a Super Goku or Super Vegeta its just Super Saiyan there is a thing called people fudging up in translations making people belive this bs but its not true. And DBGT isnt even done by...
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    Installer Probs

    My ESF installer doesnt open at all and the the install wizard freezes evertime i try to use it. Also the installer puts large 80mb files in my temp folder and its getting annoying. Plz help me in anyway with this problem. All advice is welcome. PS ive only seen screen shots but my mouth is...