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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    what happened to Mario Ana's tien :o
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    D: rough and hard limit!
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    there should be more of these modeling competitions, ofcourse there shouldnt be so many charactors its like a mugen game or BFP :scared:
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    if theres something higher quality than these it must be pretty impressive
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    thats very nice, very complete :o i like the face lol click on your link to your gohan work in progress model and see what the picture is now
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    its been tweaked to perfection, its big like that because everyone said it should be bigger and he did need to be bigger. he doesnt need to be smaller again poor guy D: the reference someonne drew earlyer in the topic has changed the picture it links too O_o...
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    im glad mario ana is carrying on, it just looks so tien on the smooth pics no other way to say it
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    1.3 Tien Modelling Contest

    woah woah woah! dont stop making that model! this is my first post in bloody years, but i had to post thats my favorite one. that looks so DAMN good when you show the smoothed ones!! that would be well disapointing if you deleted it or anything as it would definately be in my replacements lot...
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    A Final Fantasy 9 wallpaper

    ow my eyes. love the wall paper. wish i had a sig yokie n garnet bashing i look like her on RO
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    My resignation

    even i signed in to say quite frankly i loved the mp3 player it was cool and easy to set up and the one thing i wished i had in another dbz mod to save some ram love your work
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    Dogs vs Cats

    dogs are nice and up front with you cats are ploting to kill us all when we make a can opener that they can use themselves buuuuuuuuuuut on the otherhand a cat girl would get it... a dog girl wouldnt O_o
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    Cute Avatars

    b4k4^2's because it was going to be mine before he stole it cos we were at his house
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    Call up your arms!

    undead pwn you all
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    japanese isnt a style rock?
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    what the music style
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    New Sig!!!

    like to see you rip my....white box....tepus took down my sig >_<
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    Unfinished cg (now fin~)

    Ryo-ohki \o/ :laff:
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    Ryoko's signature thread.

    you've got great sigs flying out of your ears...shame mine seems to have been deleted :'(
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    Ki / ESF-Bot

    wow me posting O_O just gotta cos i love those bots :D
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    New Wallpaper

    VB smells like gone off fish sticks ITS NOT FLAMING!!! its critisism :O /me flamasism spams