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  1. madgik

    PC Not Booting

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to what the problem that has arisen on my desktop PC could be? What has happened in the last few days are, I had to take apart (unplug external stuff, and store computer in a wardrobe, not take apart any internal stuff) my PC and store is for...
  2. madgik

    Power Supply Problem

    I have a problem with my power supply... it went pop ... and I was wondering what power supply I should get. My blown power supply is a 400w supply, but was wondering if a lower rating could get the job done. I have a: - AMD 64 3200+ - 2 x 512Mb Corsair DDR PC3200 RAM - Gigabyte GA-K8NS...
  3. madgik

    Ever Dabbled with the Tux?

    By Tux i mean the lovable Linux mascot. Well after reading dReAm KiLiEr's thread about tring out Linux, I was wondering how many in the community are using linux. Whether it be dual booting with another OS, or only running linux, or even having two computers where one runs linux and the other...
  4. madgik

    Help with Listen Server Security

    Well I decided to dabble my hand in settng up a listen server with Meta Mod and AMX mod X. Got it working fine, by following the instruction in the Documentaion on th AMX Mod X site. It works fine, and I have had hours of fun slapping and kicking my friends about muhahaha. Well i was running...
  5. madgik

    New Sig

    Well changed my sig. The two below. I know they arent anything special, but what do u guys think? any good to look at? Made both from using the Sun tutorial i saw in DarkSnipers thread. The first is just zooming into the body of the Sun image that was created and the second is a clip of the...
  6. madgik

    Star Wars 3D

    Did you really think that May 19th was the end? Well according to is seem that George Lucas is going to breath a new lease of life into the star wars series by re-doing them in 3D. Humm whether this will means lightsaber battles right in your face, or a complete screw up i guess...
  7. madgik

    Steam Update Error

    Ok i had to reformat my pc and i just tried to install steam. The installation went fine but after, you have to connect to steam to get the platform update. I seem to start updating but at the 29% mark steam just stops updating. This is before i have to enter my steam account details so its not...
  8. madgik

    Active Wallpaper

    I was browsing through some sites and i found this. Its some persons desktop. Reading on a bit i found out that he/she/it was using an active desktop to get it so that that they could run a webpage as thier background. From this they have links to programs on thier pc so they could click...
  9. madgik

    HM Sig

    Just thought i would post this signiture i made. Was bored and this came out. I got the stock from a friend so im not sure where he got it or who made it, was a ***** trying to cut it out though. By the way I know the font sucks, i have always been rubbish at using good fonts in the signitures...
  10. madgik

    First Time Posting A Sig

    usualy i dont make a post about my sig but theres always a first time. I know there are a bit plain and not as good as some of the rest but any comments and critz are welcome. (Redoing Sig) (time to make... bout 5 mins)
  11. madgik

    Melee Warning System

    i was reading a thread by "X" who was complaning because of ppl meleeing him the back when he was fighting with someone else and tbh i experience the same thing. i was wondering if it would be possible to do a system that warns players if another player has locked on to them with the melee so...
  12. madgik

    ESF for UK?

    ok this is not me complaing but i have this little problem, i live in the UK and cant seem to get ESF Servers that r UK based, all seem to be outside UK. Because of this i usually get crappy pings and it realy defeats the purpose of a fast game, so if any1 knows of a UK server can u post IP plz...
  13. madgik

    ESF Thought

    This is just a suggestion outta the blue but i was wondering if ESF could have a 1 vs 1 mode where 2 fighters fight it out, and the others spectate until thier turn to fight. The could then add a completely destructive map (if possible) where ppl can be thrown through wall and stuff. The map...