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  1. elNarr

    Your opinion on the Death Sentence?

    I'm against it, because it doesn't make any sense. Death is the easy way out , if anything. I'd rather let them be tortured every single day , or sit in a jail for the rest of their lives. Of course, this would also depend on the individual . But generally, my point of view is that people had...
  2. elNarr

    MMO Character Showboating Thread

    Only self buffs + procs. :)
  3. elNarr

    MMO Character Showboating Thread

    Deman, the pic Prozac posted was from Algalon fight , which is right now only reachable by doing all the hard mode bosses in Ulduar. He probably wanted to show how far he has gone in the game so far. He's doing a 10-man version , but it's still quite impressive. Most WoW players haven't done it.
  4. elNarr

    Post your desktop V4

    Desktop on my laptop, while my desktop pc's gfx-card is fubar.
  5. elNarr

    Post your desktop V4

  6. elNarr

    Post your desktop V4

    That's one bad ass wallpaper you got there, Barney.
  7. elNarr

    MMO Character Showboating Thread

    A few updates to stats : Peak HPS @ Ulduar ( was actually 23k, but didn't manage to take a screenie of that in time tbh ) : No, I didn't use SP flask, Fish feast , or JoL either.
  8. elNarr

    Who's Who on the ESF Forums

    Jinx :
  9. elNarr

    Free TF2 weekend

    Bought the game for 50% discount yesterday. I enjoy it tremendously so far. :)
  10. elNarr

    Officer! Daddy ate my eyes!

    The dad's eyes should be ripped off equally as a punishment.
  11. elNarr

    Star Trek

    I just came from seeing it , and I have to say that it was surprisingly good.
  12. elNarr

    New music thread, yo.

    Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Crowded Street
  13. elNarr

    Nice Game screenies

    Nerf taurens. Kinda ruining this one, since I don't have a proto drake. :<
  14. elNarr

    Hey penix, I'm calling you outtttttt

    Happy birthday.
  15. elNarr

    Top 10 sitcoms.

    1. Fresh prince of Bel Air 2. Married with Children 3. My name is Earl 4. Friends 5. Spaced Haven't seen enough of any other ones, so I'll limit it to 5 .
  16. elNarr

    We didn't start the flame war

    That was brilliant.
  17. elNarr

    Nice Game screenies

    That looks absolutely gorgeous . And the funny thing is, it runs better than WoW at it's current state ( any area in Northrend ). By far.
  18. elNarr

    Happy mother ****ing birthday KAAAAMAAAAAAAAAA!

    Happy birthday.
  19. elNarr

    The Ulduar, the dual talent spec, etc.

    Only done Razorscale on hard mode , and a few Ignis tryouts so far. Based on that only, I can say that I like the instance a lot , regardless of it being slightly easier than what we're used to seeing earlier. 3.1 is quite win for a patch overall.