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    Elemental Fusion Animations - Veggeto

    This is great. awesome keep it up.
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    I have created a SSj (2) lightning aura

    Could you show us some screens??
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    Transformation SoundPack Released

    Hey thanks I am going to try this one.
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    SSJ2 Gohan !! Release !!

    It looks great thank you very much.
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    ur mod

    Close it this in nonsense.
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    Thank you awesome moddeling.
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    Goku ssj3!!!

    Place a download please let us try
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    Bring back Kao-Ken

    Goku can use kaioken when he is a SSJ. He used it when he was in battle with pikkon. But I think a Kaioken makes the game more interresting. It makes the game looking more on the real serie.
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    Models and Model Edits For Beta 1

    Kreshi Thanks. You did great moddeling
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    Starting Prob

    I found it. MOD'S can you close this topic ?? *np* Firefly
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    Starting Prob

    Thanks it is working fine now, but I have one question left: As you can see i have my Ki points over 2.000.000 whe does goku turn super saiyan?? I read that it was at 1.750.000 did I do something wrong??? p.s if you cannot see the picture paste it into your browser.
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    Starting Prob

    Could Someone help me please I really want to try this game, now I Have some more questions maybe they can solve my problem. 1. Is ESF only multiplayer or could you play it as an standalone , I mean play it one your one and noet against others?? 2. Did i do something wrong with my console I...
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    Starting Prob

    I Have installed ESF into my Half-life directory. Now is my question how to start i changed everything what was neccesary. So i placed the ESF-Bot.dll into my esf dlls directory. When I start the game I get this screen but i Cant push the button start game. Does Anyone knows my problem?? Many...