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  1. Wizard's Curse


    I know I'll get a warning but Pride is right :) If you dont like ESF leave, Its very simple!
  2. Wizard's Curse

    i saw in the sprites folder something wierd..

    It must be for 1.3 cuz that hand looks like Super Buu's hand The sprite itself looks funny imo :D
  3. Wizard's Curse

    What do you expect from beta 1.3

    1.3 shouldnt take too much to finish eighter, now that the melee system is done :D I'm expecting some kick ass effects in the new transformations
  4. Wizard's Curse

    New forum theme ?

    A bit ago I heard there was gonna be a new ESF forum theme after 1.2 is released ... was that canceled? This white is annoying IMO :S
  5. Wizard's Curse

    Guess whos back!

    Lol everyones too busy playing 1.2 to even notice me *BUMP* :p I guess this is better than no welcome .. thx Zelda
  6. Wizard's Curse

    Guess whos back!

    Yea yea Im back people, hi to everyone and I hope you people still remember me :] I left ESF cuz I lost interest and I was constantly frustrated by noobs spamming me with sprite requests/questions From now on, no more requests, EVER! Too bad I missed the party Just gotta say WOW...
  7. Wizard's Curse

    Cable modem help O_o

    yeah im gonna try to test it with another modem when I can But still its wierd how it works fine for those 2-3 secs ... Im gonna try reinstalling all my stuff later EDIT: BTW this is the exact modem type I have ...
  8. Wizard's Curse

    Cable modem help O_o

    Damn it didnt help :cry: Ive noticed something tho ... at regular intervals the netgraph shows like this _____ for a few secs ... during that I have 50 ping and it all works fine ... too bads its only 2 secs every 40 secs or so :(
  9. Wizard's Curse

    Cable modem help O_o

    I did reinstall HL and stuff but its the same ... and its not the ping that kills me ... its the way the packets "flow" it should be an almost straight line on the netgraph ... but its like I showed in my first post I tryed the rate and cl_rate cvars at diff values but nah still the same...
  10. Wizard's Curse

    Generic Balls

    Actually it does (should anyway) more damage (at the same KI cost) since you cant controll it And anyway ki balls own :)
  11. Wizard's Curse

    Cable modem help O_o

    Yo guys Im back again ... I was gone for like 2 weeks because I was getting cable and I finally got it :D It owns and stuff but theres 1 wierd thing ... my ping in ESF and other HL mods is kinda big ... I mean bigger than the ping on my dail-up ffs I do not have a firewall or router and...
  12. Wizard's Curse

    Cell and other auras

    Resurection city ! Another GJ Ussj Brolly :D
  13. Wizard's Curse

    King Kai Training

    ESF Flash manual = ESF hazard course duh Anyway they wont add this ... Im preety sure :\
  14. Wizard's Curse

    New Gallery shots

    A gallery for maps sounds really good ... it'll get more ppl to play ESF when they see the pwnahe maps :)
  15. Wizard's Curse

    Spirit? In ESF?

    It shouldnt lag too much if its made rite ... like 10 fps max And who cares if it does ... just play bots on it ... even looking at it is worth the efort of making it :D
  16. Wizard's Curse

    WiP 10X KameHaMeHa

    Not bad ;) and yea ok ... what the heck, you can use the beam from my Big bang Kame
  17. Wizard's Curse

    Galactic Outburst

    Awsome man ... 9.5/10 Do you have a version w/o the lights and stars and stuff ? :)
  18. Wizard's Curse

    One of the wierdest things I have ever seen!

    Yea it was a bug ... a once in a lifetime one because I cant recreate it ... it looked cool tho ... *daydream* someone should make a map thats a big box and has green code(annimated) on the walls. *daydream*
  19. Wizard's Curse

    When ESF v1.2 comes out?????

    When its done ... period! Dont ask again :\
  20. Wizard's Curse

    One of the wierdest things I have ever seen!

    UPC, noone changed anything ... it loaded up normaly ... with grass 2 times then this ... ( a little part of the arena was like this too lol) Darknavigator, your seeing the old pic because I just uploaded this one over it ... refresh a bit or try looking later lol