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    The Matrix Online

    That chinese d00d > neo
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    Rate ESF

    7 because they refuse to add lots of new characters =P which makes the game have even less reply value.
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    It does lag more, doesnt it ?

    Only 1 more year till we see this in a retail version so people cant stop using the 'its beta' excuse. *coughs*
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    Whats the best way to improve skills at ESF?

    Pissing people off and going AFK is funny, its amazing how long someone will keep targeting only you thinking they are annoying you because they keep 'spawn killing' that has nothing to do with getting better but I thought I'd share :) Anyways, I'm getting better (Slowly) I still think ESF...
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    Tien petition

    Um.. Krillin has none, Piccolo has none and they are still in the game..
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    Tien petition

    omgggg yessssssssssss add tienshinhan! hes the greatest of the DBZ characters... I wonder how Tri Beam would be done in ESF heh.. seems weird if you picture it.
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    Most Logical (New) Characters to have in ESF?

    Tien hands down.
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    Looking for pics of Tien..

    Wanna make a sig :) I'm really looking for one pic out of all of them where Tien is in that blue outfit in the buu saga ^_^ But any will help :)
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    he just said the dubbys not the actual show lol..
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    Linkin Park: METEORA!

    I got this CD the day it came out.. is a great CD IMO :)
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    change the melee please?

    Nice music video man :) Oh and I agree somthing needs to be done about the melee system =P