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    That was my point, this would install on other peoples systems. I am right in remembering ESF installs to your dircectory automatically right? I don't remember any dragging or renaming
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    Turns out i haven't fixed it. What I ment was I am compling an install for a mod and I wanted to know how you get it to install to the correct Steam directory as they will all be different depending on your steam username. Anybody know?
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    np i figured it out lol thanks for your help anyway guys
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    hey while not really and ESF question i can't find an answer anywhere else. How do i install a custom half life game, within steam. Nothing i do works lol, any guides out there. Loads for installing mods, couldn't find one for steam. thanks guys
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    goku new attack

    Goku needs more attacks he has Kamahameha Spirit Bomb (Which goes when he is SSJ) And Solar Flare which is rubbish. They are his only special moves so i don't know what you want to give him but please give him something.
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    Chou Kamehameha

    good Idea I like it. But it should really be another attack when you are SSJ cos I don't like that Goku loses an attack and gains none.
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    Gohan: Kid or Adult?

    Pan goes SSJ in GT. And I think to solve all probs have to charecters on the menu, Kid Gohan and Adult Gohan problem solved. Does any one here like GT I think it's good not as good as DBZ at all but still good. Please don't go on about how crap you think GT is or about how you think someone else...
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    Gohan: Kid or Adult?

    Wow that was alot of stuff to read. The poll says all really Adult Gohan is the best. And all this Lvl 3, full blooded sayian stuff is crazy, it was never mentioned in the series so it wasn't true. That's like saying he shouldn't be able to go lvl 1 or 2. And if Pan a quater sayain can go SSJ at...
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    The ESF-Bot

    Is there anyway to get PL without the Dragon or going online cos I have 56k and it's soooo slow. I heard some where that you can place the Half Life monsters in the game can you do that, or as said above just a bot that can take hits. Thanks
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    New Character Idea

    he also said a couple of other things on here that you didn't answer to??????
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    esf beta coming out

    Excuse me but I think DMZ is a great game, at the mo this is ok but to be honest, too simple, you have to click and hold a button to shoot off a move, try and find a game of DBZ like that, all the earlier games that have been released (PSX SNES NES....) have had combo's and this soo easy it...
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    Vhat did you says ve have vays of making yous talk