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  1. Dawntilldusc

    question about the new video

    I noticed during the video with the egg (Which was hilarious by the way), that it seemed to speed up the longer it was in turbo. Or at least boosted after a short time. Now, I may have just imagined it, having watched it at 2 o'clock in the morning, but it was fascinating none-the-less. It...
  2. Dawntilldusc

    PC is messed up, need a recommendation.

    Hey guys, sorry about the length. Calling all techies who want to be a hero, and help diagnose my computer issue. If there aren't any on here, then I need a recommendation of where else to post this. My computer's specs. MSI GT783 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. BIOS: MSI GT783 E1761IMS Ver...
  3. Dawntilldusc

    So...who are you going to play as first?

    I was talking with a friend of mine a while back and we were discussing what to do when ESF: Final actually arrives. We talked over several topics and decided a couple things. These were; which characters we would use first, and which map to fight on. My friend and I decided to do a classic...
  4. Dawntilldusc

    Buying a new laptop and had a few questions

    Hey guys and gals. I'm considering buying a new laptop for under $3000 and I had my eye on a specific one. It is the MSI GT783-625US. It comes with 16gb of Ram, an amazing GTX580 GPU, and a Full HD Intel i7-2670QM quad core processor. As for Rom it has a 128gb ssd, and a 750 HHD. My only...
  5. Dawntilldusc

    problems with steam

    Anybody here every had and updating error from steam? somthing like Error: Unable to open bin/friendsUI.dll for writing (errno.... cause i got one today. Can't seem to fix it either. I even checked the support page...nothing. Anyway..tell us all about your steam related problems and what-not
  6. Dawntilldusc


    Nicodemus is posting an open challenge. He's definitely new to this, and needs some xp. Trying to bring life back to this place. So yeah, fight me if you want.
  7. Dawntilldusc

    Problem with character selection in Beta 1.3

    I've installed the beta .exe and run it correctly. I can play the game, but when selecting my character, it is the default esf 1.2.3 screen w/ a few ad's like Ginyu and Android 18. I have seen what it's supposed to look like, and haven't been able to produce that result even after uninstalling...