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  1. Kurisutaru

    Anime Boston 2006

    Anyone going... I will be there as Sango XD im a anime freak/geek ...
  2. Kurisutaru

    please tell me whats good what bad,

    There is a contest for prom tickts at my school. we have to make a design for the shirts this is wat i have. Im ganan change the font type... we get two free prom tickets so... Our school Colors are i belive purple and black. We could only use three colors so i have to fix the ones with only 2...
  3. Kurisutaru

    New Sig Practice : Pgsm Mars

    Im trying out new things to do with sigs and i like to be creative or somewhat creative XD. The character is Sailor Mars aka Hino Rei from Pgsm:Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. No passed the tackieness that you might think of the show please, i just wanan know if i could improve thses and or if...
  4. Kurisutaru

    New Drawings

    Hello. I notice people telling me from RavenTrunks thread i need to study anatomy, i do but that drawing is scrap so here are some of my Pics. I admit i do still need to practice but anime dosnt really have anatomy with an exception of some anime (dbz) Most contain 8inch legs on female and giant...
  5. Kurisutaru

    Ms paint Head turiols(:p)

    this is how i make head on and off the computer, i jsut did this in ms paint.(c) Crystal Duarte 2005 1: i drew this about 2-3 years ago in ms paint. Original character (c) Crystal Duarte 2005 2: I drew this i few years back as well. Not sure how long ago but it sertily wasnt anytime...
  6. Kurisutaru

    new sig Sailor Jupiter

    Well this explains it what you guy/girls think edited version below I liek the image on the left so im going to keep it. I appreciate your comments and crits on that. i did change the border. I dont know if i changed anything else. I also made this one ok i failed. Im trying to...
  7. Kurisutaru

    Signature for Clan

    This is my forum Sig for The clan DeathRow im in On Rainbow Six 3 Black Arrow. RavenTrunks found the Bg and i used it. I made 15 horozontil line and 15 vertical lines and arranged them in image ready to get that hor/ver crossing thing. I made boxes and rotated them to diamonds and faded my...
  8. Kurisutaru

    Draw on this and Post

    Go HERE and draw and post. ^^ its funn. Because the other guy doesnt want others posted there I made This thread for those who want to share theirs in this thread. here are mine.My mouse is evil to me too ^^
  9. Kurisutaru

    For the Christmas Spirit ^^

    All these images were scanned becuz I did not have enough time in school to email myself the files. My scanner is smaller then the posters. I drew all images. Artwork (c) me Crits and comments welcome. ^ this took about 30 mins or less because no time. I hate this one but.. ^^