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  1. GundamSeph

    Which file extension are you?

    aww i thought i was unique untill i hit page 2 WILD CARD Sounds about accurate ;)
  2. GundamSeph

    i need help for ssj

    Being the game it is, you can fly in it. Move Up is up, not forward. Ascend isn't specific whatsoever is what i'm saying
  3. GundamSeph

    i need help for ssj

    well last time i checked it does just say "ascend", someone could easily mistake that for "move up".
  4. GundamSeph

    what is the next game you are gonna buy?

    Why should people buy something and spend money on something they can get for free? Don't see much logic there. In my opinion someone charging like $60 a game is retarded, if i could save some money for some food later or something, by spending a few hours of downloading while i'm out, all the...
  5. GundamSeph

    Coinicidental member count!

    Navanax caught on, ooooooooo. Coincidental because i happened to check the members list at that state, had it been a day sooner or later and it may have been different, and yes those names were changed, its just funniest when they're not real =D Page numbers the same!
  6. GundamSeph

    Coinicidental member count!

    Was checking to see where i ranked amongst the first members (yay page 6... or 5, can't remember), anyhow, picture picture! (look at the page numbers)
  7. GundamSeph

    Copyrights and stuff

    Out of curiosity, if a game magazine were to publish ESF in an article of some sort without permission from ESF, and if ESF were to get annoyed at this (again, no permission), and ESF were to file a law suite against them, and Funimation sent someone over, then what is the magazines name...
  8. GundamSeph

    The hardest game EVER (FRUSTRATING AS HELL)

    i got 28 something on like my 4rth or 5th try, seems like you're playing longer than it records (no its not lagging on my comp, lol).
  9. GundamSeph

    *Claps* (ESF Developers)

    lol i got a few more, just gotta get some time to get em made. Also unfortunatly i don't think i'll be sticking around constantly, just poke in and out occassionally :scared: *edit- Knew my avatar looked odd, *changes.
  10. GundamSeph

    *Claps* (ESF Developers)

    i would just like to say that i am very impressed that ESF is still running, been a while since i've been on the forums and decided to check up, and updates are still coming in. This message is to the developers and all that helped ESF, my hats off to you for creating and continueing this...
  11. GundamSeph

    Beam Jump anti block

    Yeah that fixes the whole bug problem Anyhow, just wanted to leave that note just in case someone else hasn't. Thanks Petco
  12. GundamSeph

    Beam Jump anti block

    I found this out last night when my friend was testing out the beam jump in my server, he made the point clear that if you do a beam up off somebodys face, its unblockable, and it gives you time to get distance to detonate it.
  13. GundamSeph

    Hmm, have i been forgotten?

    lol, yay! And lol trunks, the girl in your av/sig is the girl in my av (face anyhow)
  14. GundamSeph

    Hmm, have i been forgotten?

    I was just poking around when i was just wondering if anyone here still remembered me (gotta be a few of you ;/ ). Just curious :smile: (omg i forgot about that smily, i loved that smily)
  15. GundamSeph

    Rate ESF

    I gave it a 9 as well, ESF is easily the best DBZ mod out there (i haven't tried Bid for Power so to be honest, i can't say that its the best..yet). The reason its lacking that 10 is because the games unbalanced towards some characters, trunks for one, you get your burning attack to start, does...
  16. GundamSeph

    I Am Coming Home!!!!!

    lol hibiki, still at it i see. The Humanoid Spam
  17. GundamSeph

    ESF Kidz

    jeez, that would have been 'so' ***
  18. GundamSeph

    demo recording!

    If only someone mentioned that when you were around your 1500th post hibiki :P Hey guys, just stoppin by
  19. GundamSeph

    Came back to post this

    Check this out If you've seen it, don't be an ass and give it away :P One quick tip, if your doing anything on the internet, don't open that right away
  20. GundamSeph


    Excuse me who the **** do you think you are? You have no god damn right to blame them at all, they've been working on this mod for months and they're not charging a dime, you should be happy that they're letting you play it