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  1. Moravik

    Hi the n00b is back with a tien Model..! give critz

    It kinda looks like he is starting to do the limbo, maybe straighten his posture a bit?
  2. Moravik

    Majin Booh!

    Well whoever you get to skin your buu, dont use the person who skinned your goku. ;D
  3. Moravik

    Guldo in 1.3 ?

    I figured he would be involved in an attack that Ginyu will have. o_o
  4. Moravik

    New Skeleton and Animations

    Welp. Try and dload it from here. Just be sure to rename it to if need be and that should do it. :smile:
  5. Moravik

    New Skeleton and Animations

    I liked the Piccolo one in particular; his cape is to die for. His antennae and pants wafting in the wind, great stuff! :laff:
  6. Moravik

    Steam Porblem.. plz help

    He ment his Antivirus CD, not steam. Try this online virus scan just incase. As for the HDD health i would try Norton Utilities if anything.
  7. Moravik

    New Skeleton and Animations

    Ya know what? That happened to me as well when i dloaded it with IE the first time. Try and dload it with firefox or another browser and see if that works, that's what i did.
  8. Moravik


    Yer not gonna find any servers up using WON since they took the dive however. :p
  9. Moravik

    Good reflexes or am i doin sometin wrong?

    As for the red target and locking onto them, no you cant lock onto them. I feel your pain though Hyper Chi. :p With all the basic melee'ers ive been hoping for a few changes towards it, but i dont wanna rant. Ive read a few forums related towards it and have seen some pretty promising ideas...
  10. Moravik

    New Skeleton and Animations

    Great lookin models there Darktooth. Such smooth running and walking :yes: It's always the little eye candy that makes the game just that much better. :]
  11. Moravik

    Happy 21st Mastasurf!

    Happy 21st Mastasurf! :cool:
  12. Moravik

    Dance Dance Revolution

    Bah @ console ddr games! ;/ Just dload Stepmania, get a USB adapter, and vola! All the songs you could ever play at your fingertips, or foot-tips...? :p
  13. Moravik

    Tien for the esf Contest.

    Nice model and skin! :yes: Now everyone keep this thread from dying so someone decides to animate it. :laff:
  14. Moravik

    Discussion:Prepunch/teleport attack

    Most excellent agreement! Perhaps instead of adding delays and restrictions they could add a more complicated secondary melee system. :yes: No ideas really come to mind as to how it might work so suggestions are welcome. :smile:
  15. Moravik

    Discussion:Prepunch/teleport attack

    Well if anything i think that there should be a delay between when the player can kick you again with simple melee so that he dosent kick you more than once. But that's just my opinion. :rolleyes:
  16. Moravik

    Cell "is it a special power?"

    I have experienced this before as well. A friend of mine was on the opposite team, shot me with whatever beam and seemed to do no damage untill the next time i respawned; it happened a few times actually. A bug perhaps, or am I imagining things? O_o
  17. Moravik

    How many time can you transform with Goku?

    I heard there would be penalties for the ssj3 level but havent heard anything about ssj2 yet. :smile:
  18. Moravik


    I also like the idea, but the only thing that turned me off to it is how people seem to be spamming the secondary melee and just bouncing you around the map nowadays thus speeding up the gameplay. With a 4 sec delay on the ground for them to kiblob spam you that wouldnt be very fair now would...
  19. Moravik

    Im back...whats with Tien?

    Aye, I would be interested in seeing some updates on how the people who decided to try and make Tien are doing. Maybe even just some text imput if no pics? :]
  20. Moravik

    Ginyu Animation Preview

    Great job DT. Looking forward to seeing what other goodies you have in store for all of us :laff: