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  1. leonelmba1

    Models request - ( Trunks GT and Trunks GT Ssj)

    hi folks, in the past I have downloaded those models (trunks gt and trunks gt ssj) in this link , but now it's died. I have reinstalled esf and now I need them. please, upload for this link reviving or pass for me!!!
  2. leonelmba1

    Help me here!!

    Hi folks I'm editing the model Gohan Kai Suit (That Gohan who wear kai's clothes). So, I have problem with mystic transformacion because I want to put the OldKai walking around gohan, but I'm not getting. Please post your fx.mode here please!!!
  3. leonelmba1

    cci .classextension

    I'm trying to create a model and I want the this attack: super ghost kamikaze attack what sentence or word do I write in "over here" ... public @ClassWeaponUpdate ( Client, Level ) { switch ( Level ) { case 0: // Buu Gotenks { addClassItem( Client, "weapon_melee", true )...