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  1. Zorb

    just a guy i drew, dunno what to call him

    uumm... im just gonna post him :p not really much to say than: critz plz
  2. Zorb

    I drew a Dragon, critz plz

    :laff: critz plz!
  3. Zorb

    Free flash programs

    Hey folks! im a young animator who likes to draw and stuff like that... i have alot of ideas in my head that i want to make! but i cant find a free flash program where i can make my movies! my "univers" i created is kinda like Dragon ball i hope u will help me with this coz i have been working...
  4. Zorb

    help! i cant go online

    Hi! i need help baaaadly!!! :cry: :cry: :cry: i really really want to play online over ESF but i cant! i dont understand y... everytime i try to play esf over the internet it goes black just when the game screen is supposed to appear and then it goes back to the server screen and says...