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  1. esfman


    Can someone make me a signature please. That says esfman on the top right ssj5 broly somewhere like this YouTube - SSJ5 Broly (awesome pic!) DBAF (Dragonball AF). :)
  2. esfman

    esf 1.3 tralier

    Here is the esf 1.3 trailer YouTube - ESF 1.3 trailer
  3. esfman


    Can someone show me a tutorial for powerlevel changer for openbeta 1.3. I want to test out ssj.
  4. esfman


    I have a little suggestion. How about a little storyline all the way till you get to Cell. There are certain forms you have to play as. Like ssj Goku vs Frieza.
  5. esfman

    Turbo bug

    when you charge up turbo you dont move a inch
  6. esfman

    Turbo wont work

    hey I have a problem with turbo on esf 1.3 openbeta. I press T and nothing happens someone please help me!
  7. esfman

    teleport move

    I think its a good idea to add a teleport move. like goku's teleporting Kamahamaha. :)