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    if you get rid of kid gohan, then please put in goten.. it's fun to play with a kid some times :D
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    cell jr. and absorbing ppl

    hmm, i remember that some while back(jan/feb) i suggested the tri-form of piccolo and krillin.. which would also be done by bots. and it most peepz liked the idea, and they said it would be implented in the next version.. (though i haven't heard anything about it since then :D )
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    been a long time

    I've been away for a month or 5.. And wow, the site has changed a creepy bit :D. Have any more updates/things happend? (like a new release which i with my stupid head have missed? :) )
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    Half-Life Mode

    lol, that would be a fun idea :). i'd like shooting a big kamehameha at a marine :D. but i don't think this has been suggested yet(though i haven't been here for about 2months). it might be quite easy.. you only have to implement the esf chars and weapons into the halflife game. but...
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    have you guys stopped playing alpha?

    it was quite fun when i started playin' in october.. alpha 1.9 back then :) (that where the times.. ;) ).. and i've played alpha 2.0 quite much, but i stopped begin januari.. i started about a month ago again, but all i get vs me are n00bs.. and still laggy servers(why does everybody keep...
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    yeehaaw, those new(or old, how you want to put it :) ) rock :D
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    they should make master roshis house(that funny island and see must be included :) ) and the hyperbolic time chamber :)
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    So is there a ...........

    just buy super smash bros and try to master every char there.. :D ;)
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    lol, i got a email asking me to donate something to the esf team. i'd really like to, but i(want i think most of the peeps here who are 16 or younger) don't have a credit card. that's too bad, cuz i'd like to pay to help you guys and get the release earlier:). isn't there another way?
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    me neither.. :(
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    melee's sec. fire

    aaagh, again those irritating posts that appear above the originally posted stuff.. í posted after slinger, but again i appear above him.. :/
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    melee's sec. fire

    i think they've already used the 2nd attack for melee.. like with the 1st you use your arms and the 2nd your legs etc, or i could be totally wrong.. :D (i think i am :) )
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    damn, why u guys have the same avatar, have joined the same month and almost have the same nick? that's confusing.. ;)
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    Chargeing push

    with al the suggestions sierra has made since he joined, if you put them in one post, it would just be gigantic.. :)
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    Vt goes away?

    rofl @ sierra, but yeah, he's right, it's a winwin situation, and yep, i would also choose for my wife.. :) neways, good luck VT
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    Why dont you have goku do the kao ken

    i think you haven't been on the forums for that long, else you wouldn't have posted this topic with these suggestions, they are already made and ready for the next release.. so moderators, delete this one :)
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    Official ESF Music!

    wow, you post a link to a forumtopic on the frontpage and in one day you have 5pages filled with reactions.. :)
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    Mod on a CD

    you should wait untill the beta is out, be4 you order your cd, else you're gonna pay 10bucks now, and within a month(or something) the new version will be out and you should have to pay the 10bucks again for a new cd..
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    What abot Goten

    why don't also put in everybody else? :) it will take ages to please everybody, everyone wants his 'special' char in the game, not always possible.., you don't create garlic jr just becuz someone thinks he's kewl i guess.(which i think he isn't :), get me vegeta :) ).
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    Self Distruct

    swordmaster is right, this certainly won't be the last version to be released.