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  1. Jeroen2205

    You Know You're Screwed When...

    you know you're screwed when I've charged a Final Flash and fire it at you :laff:
  2. Jeroen2205

    Need help ive installed all the esf 1.0-1.21 and it says that the game is out of date

    If you are Dutch, and don't have a valid half-life key, you can buy it ai Free Record Shop for €9,99 . Atleast, i saw that on their site.
  3. Jeroen2205

    Need help ive installed all the esf 1.0-1.21 and it says that the game is out of date

    if you try playing on internet, with esf in halflife, then yes, you get that error. Download steam, and install esf on that. That should work
  4. Jeroen2205

    ESF - New Vegeta

    Nice JOb!!! I'm a big Vegeta Fan, and i really like this model, can't wait for 1.3
  5. Jeroen2205

    ESF - Android 18

    ESF-moddellers, do something about it, please
  6. Jeroen2205

    ESF - Android 18

    i do not really like it too, her head is too big, her earring isn't right (wrong color, and it's sqaure), and i don't like her lips (wrong color, make it more like her skin). her hair isn't right to, compare it with SaKuMa's picture of #18.
  7. Jeroen2205

    I cannot even play ESF.

    O_O O_O you really think anyone would give away their cd-key??
  8. Jeroen2205

    Stockpiling Power

    maybe for an addition, if the server is a team server, then an additional option might be this: Equal powerlevel inside teams. Example: you have these players Goku 13.000.000 Vegeta 7.000.000 Gohan 3.000.000 Trunks 9.000.000 With the option on this will be the teams: Goku and Gohan...
  9. Jeroen2205

    Client.dll error

    i had the same problem when i still used half-life. I simply reinstalled both half-life and esf completely. Perhaps this works with steam to. Try to completely uninstall it, and then install it again. Update steam complete. maybe it works. I'm not sure though. Nowadays i use steam, i only use...
  10. Jeroen2205

    Pics of my sprite out :D

    i think they look great:P
  11. Jeroen2205

    Best beam attack ever?!

    i voted final flash, killes everyone when they are only a bit near the point of impact, but charges slow, and takes massive energy
  12. Jeroen2205

    The SSJ2 aura in 1.3

    i've voted for 2, because it looks the best of all other choices, and its serie-based
  13. Jeroen2205

    esf 1.2 and steam

    I have just installed steam, and after that i installed esf 1.2, and the patch 1.2.1 ,and it works at my place perhaps you should try reinstalling steam, and do it the same like i did
  14. Jeroen2205

    HL1 Mods are going to Die soon. - Read this, do you disagree?

    At some part they are right, but also wrong, The hl2 engine might be better, and people stop playing the hl1 engine, so less people will play esf, for me this doesn't count, i think that when the gameplay is good, the graphics doesn't matter much, only if the graphics really sucks, but esf is...
  15. Jeroen2205

    Export maps to *.map

    sorry for the doubble post, next time i will use the edit button, and i have the zhlt tools. But thanks anyway, my problem is over, this thread can be closed
  16. Jeroen2205

    Export maps to *.map

    i just tried something else, i had the same error on an other pc, so that didn't work either, now i found out that i had to much *.wad files (or textures) added at the settings, well this worked on the other pc, not on my own, but i guess that this workes on my own pc too, at leat i hope so, and...
  17. Jeroen2205

    Export maps to *.map

    nope doesnt work, is it a possebility that the hlrad, hlvis, hlbsp and the hlcsg somehow got damaged??
  18. Jeroen2205

    Export maps to *.map

    yes i have downloaded the 3.5beta now, and it gives me the same error, i tried the alt+p, but it says "no errors were found" , next thing i will try to complete uninstall valve hammer, and install it all over again, instead of just reinstalling
  19. Jeroen2205

    Export maps to *.map

    It still crashes :talk: i have 2 maps allmost ready, but i can't test them because of this bug, it makes me angry
  20. Jeroen2205

    Export maps to *.map

    ok, i'll try that, hopefully that works, about the maps, it are pretty easy to create maps, not very complicated, and i tested it once with a cube, with every needed stuff in it, and it crashed again, so i'll try updating