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  1. Litebringer

    SC Saiyan Crusaders

    Hey all im leader/webmaster of SC saiyan crusaders It's a pretty new clan.. 1 or 2 weeks old and we have 14 members so far! We are currently looking for a few elite members to join us and If any of you guys out there want a progressing kick-ass ESF clan, then let me know. We are...
  2. Litebringer

    Teen Gohan Sounds

    Put together a little soundpack for teen gohan so you don't have to use the crap ones anymore.. hope you enjoy it.. and by the way the powerbeam and powerbeamha are silent because I thought the one time future gohan did masenko sounded bad.. anyways here it is Gohan :D
  3. Litebringer


    Im new to the board and was just wondering if anyone has actually been working on models for the upcoming esf.. because I have seen everyone working on stuff that is going to be done soon but yet no one ever says if their work is for the new esf or not.. I fear someone will release huge packs of...