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  1. chaRizma

    RIP Guru 20/04/10

    Ha yeah he did, thats right! At least the other half of Gangstarr is still around. And still the GOAT with production;D
  2. chaRizma

    DBZ HD

    ^^^PFFFFFFFFFFFFFF! Pokemon series = GOAT!!!:p
  3. chaRizma

    New music thread, yo.
  4. chaRizma

    FireFox out of my life, go Google Chrome!

    I haven't had problems with it. And it's much faster than FF was, even after tweaking FF.
  5. chaRizma


    Merry Birth Hours? lol
  6. chaRizma

    About the throwing tutorial video...

    Oh yay! I had almost forgotten about her -_-
  7. chaRizma

    DBZ HD

    Ummm yeah when you start all you can do is pick your characters and start fighting on two sides of the keyboard lol Link :
  8. chaRizma

    FireFox out of my life, go Google Chrome!

    Haha but you don't even have to UNinstall it first, just go to the dl page and dl again^_^
  9. chaRizma

    The Ultimate Fighting Championship

    So who else watches this? I can't help but be reminded of DBZ whenever I watch it. Sometimes I'm half expecting one of the fighters to Kamehameha at any second lol Favorite fighters are Florian, Nog, Hughes, GSP, and The Spider Silva.:yes: Anyone watch UFC 112 last Saturday?
  10. chaRizma

    FireFox out of my life, go Google Chrome!

    Oh yeah. Chrome is by far the most advanced browser. And Idk why but if ANYTHING goes missing or stops working, a simple re-install ALWAYS fixes it, without losing any plug-ins/extentions
  11. chaRizma

    Plain Sight

    Dude fck Europe lol
  12. chaRizma

    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    Well the first hat is 'Seattle Legends'; the second says 'Ill Mind Rhymes' its just in sharpie though haha
  13. chaRizma

    What's in your DVD tray right NOW?!

    Borderlands is in the Ps3, with Breaking Bad Season 2 in the flash drive. UFC is in the 360. Nothing in the PC
  14. chaRizma

    The "Name That Game" Game - v3.0!

    Snuggles something or other?
  15. chaRizma

    Real beauty is skin deep... OMG TEH PIX THREAD!

    ^^The myspace pic lol ^^hungover webcam pic...most recent
  16. chaRizma

    DBZ HD

    Is this that two player one or is there actually AI? I played one that looks just like it but it was ONLY two player, on the same keyboard -_-
  17. chaRizma

    [Old PotW] PotW: Frieza's Finishing Move

    Awesome effects! Can't fcking wait
  18. chaRizma

    Throwing Tutorial Preview Video

    wait why does it look SO much better graphics-wise on the video than it actually does in game? i have a great PC, i want to utilize it and not use the shty HL1 graphics...the fck
  19. chaRizma

    Plain Sight

    :-/Lol ten bucks? That's a hell no for 'suicidal ninja robots' lol
  20. chaRizma

    New music thread, yo.

    Atmosphere - Tears for the Sheep