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  1. 8bit-Fighter

    *** Marraige?

    Married by the catholic church or common law?
  2. 8bit-Fighter

    Gundam Wing

    All the gundams looked great in endless waltz My favourite would be wing zero from endless waltz.
  3. 8bit-Fighter

    lan games

    a lan game is only for people on local area network not through the internet so you wont be able to play anyone online until you get a legal copy of half life
  4. 8bit-Fighter

    Favourite Song of the Moment

    Coldplay - Clocks Mathew Good Band - In a World Called Catastrophe
  5. 8bit-Fighter

    Do Not Call!

    i wonder how many people will get laid off because of this... Good job stimulating the economy bush
  6. 8bit-Fighter

    ESF Single Player?

    there is no single player mode just download the bots. install them. create a server and type addbot in console
  7. 8bit-Fighter

    Wut Teh Hell Is Going On?!

    Do you get an error message when you try to join and if you do what does it say
  8. 8bit-Fighter

    cud someone tell me when 1.2 is out?

    no one knows yet not even the programmers
  9. 8bit-Fighter

    Final Fantasy VII and VIII and X and tatics stuff I gotta see this for myself.... *picks up final fantasy tactics and pops it into his ps2* ..its only 3am ill play for a couple hours :D
  10. 8bit-Fighter

    Final Fantasy VII and VIII and X and tatics stuff

    Hrm... I could write a huge essay on the final fantasy series lol. I think Final fantasy Tactics was the best final fantasy created. The detail and depth to the story was great. I also greatly enjoyed the job system they had and the secret characters. I agree I wish they have more mini quests...
  11. 8bit-Fighter

    what r u using

    i have photoshop 7.0 and 3dsmax I dont use them though completely gave up trying to anything with them lol
  12. 8bit-Fighter


    Why dont the two of you join together to help each other make the league ?
  13. 8bit-Fighter

    wazup esf MEN!

    you need to upload the picture. You cant post pictures that are on your hard drive
  14. 8bit-Fighter

    where can I download half-life: Counter-Strike full version?

    nope :) you have to buy half-life or counter-strike retail then download the appropriate updates for them then install esf 1.1 full install
  15. 8bit-Fighter

    where can I download half-life: Counter-Strike full version?

    Lerch the game is pretty cheap and you can buy it at almost any computer store. Also your not allowed to talk about illegal downloads on the forums
  16. 8bit-Fighter

    Who is the most dangerous in dbz!?

    Id have to say Kid Buu was the most dangerous. He was crazy. He blew up earth without a second thought. And the fact he is almost indestructible adds to that.
  17. 8bit-Fighter

    Why the saiyan are so strong?

    nah has to be the mentos.. i mean its not some ordinary freshmaker its <B>THE</B> Freshmaker and that makes all the difference :D
  18. 8bit-Fighter

    Why the saiyan are so strong?

    copy and paste the link
  19. 8bit-Fighter

    "Upgrading" beams in a powerstruggle

    actually it would make it go quicker because the ki drain would be even faster
  20. 8bit-Fighter

    buu's food beam

    it went up because your power level was lower then everyone elses. When you die your powerlevel goes closer to the average powerlevel. If you had the highest power level it would go down when you die