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    Uh. I think the BG is considerably flat, and I don't know what to add. I need ideas, peoples. O:! Rate if you wish.
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    Shika still wins.

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    Fun time-waster. You look for the hidden word in the picture. Number 9 is eyeballs, that's the only one I'm saying because I think that one is impossible to see. I already beat it (check the winners list >;O).
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    Naruto WP by Navi

    Free to use, crits?
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    Nav tried to brush <_< >_>

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    Lego Spiderman 2?! HAHAHAHAHA.. maybe even better than the movie :o
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    I got gmail :o Yeah.. I consider myself lucky.
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    New sig

    Haven't posted in a while, thought I'd show you guys.
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    Draw in paint! >;o Draw in paint, see what happens.. I was extremely bored.
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    How to solve Trans Killing problem (not invulnerability)

    Well Ive been looking at some posts and I notice most people dont like trans killing. I suggest that the first 5 (2-3?) seconds of transforming, you are completely vulnerable to anything, and AFTER the 5 seconds, you can finish transforming with invulnerability. Any thoughts?
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    Do you like the new explosions?

    To me, they look GREAT, but I cant really see the area thats affected, and my health goes down without notice.
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    Hyuuga Neji

    Crits; rates.
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    Scary stuff. People, post some links to things that make you cream your pants. Obviously both of those links are freaky. Click at your own risk.
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    Shikamaru > You

    *throws confetti*
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    Naruto > You. 2 New Sigs

    Dont bother me about the text :p Which ones is better IYO?
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    Anyone play GunBound?

    Name: darknav Rank: Double Stone Hammer So yeh. Who else plays o_O
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    Desperation Energy while in a PS

    If your in a PS, and your awesomely losing, you should be able to give your life to add more power. Not much, but it could be triggered by this: Your losing. The beam is charging faster and faster at you. You start holding right mouse. Your PL starts draining 1 life per 2 seconds...
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    PowerLevel Multiplier?

    Just wondering, are they going to change?
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    How to forward your ports for ESF?

    Anyone know how to forward your ports if you have a router? People cant join my server. Im running Windows XP.
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    Buff SSJ2 Majin Vegeta RELEASE

    Credits go to: Turk-Original ESF Vegeta Footman-for model edit Raven Blade-for head skin (edited by me) AzN-for hair skin Majin Vegeta SSJ2 Pack Maker (only specified by "Me" in readme)-for body skin EDIT: Body skin by Raven Blade...