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  1. Ultimate Vegeta


    Hey there, Im here...again...I have a BMP picture of me joining another server because of someone closing SL Server, I need to get it hosted or give it to a mod or someone who can host it so I can post it here for everyone, I dont know where/who to give it to..but..yeah. Also..I`ve been...
  2. Ultimate Vegeta

    Click my Homepage

    Everyone click my homepage, thanks...if theres something wrong, just pm me ill change it :)
  3. Ultimate Vegeta


    hey guys waddup? member me??...I hope ya do....well i`ve been into Socom US Navy Seals to much and i got my computer reformatted so im downloadin ESF right now beta 1.1, I can`t wait for it to be done...I also need to get the HL or the updateder...version of that...also I need to...
  4. Ultimate Vegeta


    erm! my inbox says its full but all my messages are deleted and noone can send me any PM`s it just emails me i have to delete some messages...whats wrong?..
  5. Ultimate Vegeta


    hmmm...i wonder...has anyone in here ever played DBZ Budokai? well if so have you ever hit someone like from 1 map to another or into a crator? well i think esf should do that, like make crators when ppl get meleed to the ground or a kame or spirit or some other attacks, should make crators, the...
  6. Ultimate Vegeta

    Which is better

    Well i wanted to know which game you guys liked most for ps2! thanks for posting/voting.
  7. Ultimate Vegeta


    hey there, again well i was wondering..if in the next version of beta there should be like clothes getting tore up when your fighting because that`d be awesome..and like if you eat a bean your clothes wont come back but like your muscles will bulge then go back to normal i know that`d be hard to...
  8. Ultimate Vegeta

    Lets say bye

    lets say good bye to Big Bang Attack
  9. Ultimate Vegeta


    alrighty i`m posting again :) happy i`m cool.....well hey i need an administrater to answer this question unless one has been answered from another dude who asked this question before that i dunno about...well the question if that, would i be allowed to put MY forum url under my sig place...
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    which mod is better?
  11. Ultimate Vegeta


    hey there, why can`t anyone do a melee right after the one they did because it`d be easier and i hate ppl who make me come after them and block and then they hit me back so now i`m thinking about not moving and letting them come after me but then they block and then they phase and then they kick...
  12. Ultimate Vegeta

    My Forum

    well i have this one forum, and if you would please signup and talk about esf and whatever, i would be please, thank you very much for readin this post :)
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    Why does Hsu always close everything that can have a great replier to that`ll make alotta replies?
  14. Ultimate Vegeta

    I Disagree

    Mod flamers: 1.) ESF and DMZ are differnt mods, jsut take away the DBZ theme and the only similarites are fly,beam, and physical melee. 2.) Most of you havent played the new DMZ or ESF yet. Dont make assumtions. 3.) ESF Beta one is basicly complete, DMZ's 1.8 has been in the works only...
  15. Ultimate Vegeta


    The ESF creators should also add fusion, ya know?...but only with the same race and you take turns controlling when you die the other person takes controll and when that person dies the other person takes controll or someone else on this forum could help me out here, figure out another way of...
  16. Ultimate Vegeta


    hmm in beta 1.1 will they have ssj2 aleast? because all they really half to do is put some more spikes and like electrictiy and BAM there u have ssj2..then you guys can work on ssj3 n then ssj4 turn the hair black and rip the shirt off and grow some hair like a man and a gorilla and you gots...
  17. Ultimate Vegeta

    When is Beta 1.1 out?

    Hey, anyone know when beta 1.1 is out? because i hear stuff like people saying that "there" gonna add ssj2 and ssj3 for goku and more forms for
  18. Ultimate Vegeta

    Script v1.1

    Hey, i was thinking people would visit this page more oftener then the other one....well hey, about the script 1.1 how do you get it to unzip right because i doesn`t tell you were it unzips to and i searched for it on my pc n i couldn`t find could you fix the unzip? please, thank you...