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  1. h4wkforever

    Idea for a demo

    Why don't you guys release a demo . so much people really love this mod and can't wait for it so you could release a demo from stuff you already have . It doesn't have to be big . If i see this trailer i would be very happy to play what's in the trailer. Vegeta character , That map , 1...
  2. h4wkforever

    weekly updates

    What happened to the weekly updates / pictures / videos ?
  3. h4wkforever

    esf problems

    hi i got some problems with esf . 1. Every time i load a map and i start to play i add bots. If i add a bot it always crashes and gives this error : MESSAGE_END called, but message buffer from .dll had overflowed (this problem is with the open beta final) 2. I just bought another half...
  4. h4wkforever

    ecx movie

    i reuploaded it on rapidshare and it is now 30 mb you need divx crits please
  5. h4wkforever


    how do you record good esf videos because if i type in the console record esf 1 then i am recording but if i play it i cant see my model i only see the turbo or powerup can someone help me?
  6. h4wkforever

    esf open beta?

    hey what do they mean with open beta update every two weeks what is that new transes new maps or sprites ?
  7. h4wkforever

    beta tester

    hi i am h4wkforever or my real name Koen may i please be beta tester of this mod because it rocks