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    Ok, even though it's technically the 16th now, my b-day was on the 15th and I've been out all night doing the typical 21 thing. I'd like to thank you guys for the little happy b-day email you sent me this morning. It was really nice to wake up and find that in my inbox. You guys are wicked...
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    Most Logical (New) Characters to have in ESF?

    Tien and Yamcha would rule. But since we're also talking about bad guys.... what about Brolli? Hehe !:laff: I mean he wouldn't offset the balance or anything...... :rolleyes:
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    Bots for beta 1.1

    I've tried it both ways, ffa, teams, i even tried capture the dragonballs, none of them spawned the bots. -You see that's my boggle. I have no problem at all filling the server full of bots, they just wont spawn to fight once they're there.
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    Bots for beta 1.1

    Ok, so I tried changing the teams to good/real using the cvar... nothin, used console to add bots like you said. It added the bots as usual, but they sat back as spectators.... is there something with the esf .dlls I need to do? In the .dlls directory there is esf.dll and there's the hl.dll...
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    Bots for beta 1.1

    Hmm... thanks Me, I'll give that a try, if nothing comes of it, I'll mess around with the cvar's a little and see if I can't figure it out.... or perhaps there's something conflicting with the .dll's or something..... I don't know, I've been playing with it all night trying to figure it out, and...
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    Bots for beta 1.1

    Yes, I use the menu and everything. I have reinstalled twice now and it stilll has the problem. It puts all of the bots in server, but they are in spectator mode. I was running around the map hoping maybe one was hiding and I found one of the red diamonds, like you'd see above an enemies head...
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    Bots for beta 1.1

    Why is it that when I add bots, they all join the spectator and none of them join a team? I used kibot back in 1.0 and it worked great, but this one I used the didn't work. I tried the installer version and it didn't work either. Can anyone tell me what is going on? Thanks! -BTW...
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    Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon

    The only thing I find aggrivating about the SBC is that if on the odd chance you do get into a beam struggle with it, you're screwed. For example, I was Vegeta, and my pl was about a million more than Piccolo. So I saw he was charging a SPC and I charged my Galit gun. We both released pretty...
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    Ok these are just a few things my brother and I found while playing esf on lan between the two of our computers. I have a AMD 1.4 ghz, 256 megs ddr ram, 64 meg Geforce2, and he has a Pentium 4 (i think?) 1ghz, 512 megs ddr ram, and some fsort of intel video card. *When Freeza gets a high...