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    Help !!!!

    Well i was wondering when can u change you name and picture because i made a mistake see my name is [STAR]Dark Prin but it should be [STAR]Dark Prince and some of you have a flashy title under all ure post how do you do that sorry im new to this forum
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    Photoshop Help !!!!!!!

    Can someone help me with making logo's and stuff because i only used photoshop 6.0 and know a **** of 7.0 here my mail Me Mail or you can add me in msn [email protected]
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    Pro's great edits plz reconsider

    Pro youre models youre edits are great i don't understand why you get pissed off for nothing if you hate credits than let someone else release the model Or give them to the loyal esf playes if you reconsider send them to me and i will release it on snake-d site (and if you hate credit so...
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    Pro's Great skins

    Pro has a great selection of skins but why does't he release them
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    Krillin sounds

    Hey can someone help me i need the original Krillin sounds here my hotmail plz send them to me [email protected] thax allready
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    Plz help me

    How do you change youre name in the esf forum plz reply
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    Plz fix the sound pack link

    The link doest work plz fix it
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    Tien Skin

    :shocked: When does the Tien of Trunks shadow will come out O_O