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    huh powerstruggle?

    My only complaint is that it takes way too much time to switch between the attacks. I want to melee and shoot beams at will. It sucks that I have to select the attack before I use it.
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    can my comp support 1.2?

    Maybe if you had more ram.
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    can my comp support 1.2?

    I'm doubting that. People won't just up and ditch the 8x agp for PCI-X when nothing really needs that much bus bandwidth. It won't offer up much more in terms of graphics. that seems to still depend on the card. 4x to 8x, not a big advantage either since most cards don't use that much...
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    beam power struggle

    Wouldn't the beams go in a different direction if they met at a weird angle? I always thought that was the problem. I didn't think it was a bug.................
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    Melee good or bad you decide. (Official Melee Post)

    I would vote... but everytime I try and Melee the game crashes...