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    *stupidity surgically removed* *Cucumba*
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    or u could always ask me to send them to u. i got AIM and MSN messengers. AIM sn is DiggyDiggyDrK111 and email for msn is [email protected]
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    i was bored, so shoot me!

    ???? strike9 is wut? can i post pics from my documents?
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    i was bored, so shoot me!

    i was bored, so sue me! riiight, edit is in order. can i post a pic from my documents or does it have to be hosted on a site?
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    some admin commands(not adminmod)

    k. thx. ill be sure to remember the damn quotes
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    esf_afm bug

    Ummmm ya. i was messin around yesterday on afm and i found an odd bug. U have to have turbo on and u need to be goku. charge up a spirit bomb from the good teams spawn all the way and throw it at the tower to the right of the large platform across the left bridge. the spirit bomb goes right...