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    2 ki bars (1 for flying and 1 for Beams)

    i was thinking how to improve and come up with a little idea in the game your ki drains pretty fast. woudlnt it be cool to have 2 KI bars! the first ki bar is for flying and tapping and than another ki bar only for beams, and make this bar pretty big. in the show they use a lot beams...
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    Gohan kame torpedos.

    yup its the red demon :)
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    Gohan kame torpedos.

    i like to play with gohan very much but he doenst got a lot attacks. in the series he uses kame torpedoes against Debura, so can he have it in the new version, i think it would prerry easy to implent it. and i think it would be cool if he can charge attacks while moving, cuz i think goku...
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    Ascending while sb-ing

    the not movie things isnt quitte right, the sound from vegeta his big bang or gallit gun, is form movie 6 the return of cooler (english version) when goku en cooler are using instant transmission. so in short ther is something form the movies :P but yeah ssj SB way to powerfull
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    Goku SSJ Kai-o-ken stories on the ESF forum that are WRONG!!!

    ah damn you gotta be kidding me. but he it is DBZ what is DBZ cannon?
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    Goku SSJ Kai-o-ken stories on the ESF forum that are WRONG!!!

    there are a lot if suggestiong about Kai-o-ken in the suggestions topic, and almost evrybody says than: No he is a SSJ and that would render the kai-o-ken useless. BUT when he is fighting PIKKON (the strong green guy in Otherworld) Than goku uses the kai-o-ken again WHILE he is SSJ. he is...
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    Hide Powers

    hiding there powerlevel was totally about hiding form the scouter, (and off course the "sensing")
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    cells core

    i think it is a great idea. and it is not unbalancing cuz you cant move for 2 minutes. (better make it 1.30minute)
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    some 1.1 question (minor)

    1: do the old maps work ? (not official maps, more like APE and stuff) 2: why the hell they bind teleport to G, I rebind it. but i dont understand why? i just played about 20 minutes, but laggy server, but 1.1 looks good
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    cl_dll and battlearena.bsp are both diffrent

    stupid me i found out it was an 1.0 server i think, most of the others are good :D (do the old maps work with this verion?)
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    cl_dll and battlearena.bsp are both diffrent

    like my title says! there diffrent and i wanna play so much ! i got beta 1 succusfully installed, i dl the patch and the full version. with both i cant play :( i deleted my ESF folder and installed the full version of 1.1 but i still got diffrent maps and dll. how can i fix this?
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    Ending the game?

    cant it be better like Good Vs Evil. you can choose to only have te evil charc and good charc at on side (or choose to that it doe'sn't matter) and when you die you cant respawn after everyone on 1 side is killed
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    Advanced Tergeting system (melee combat)

    ow i did knew about advanced melee, but what does it mean? what are the features anybody knows? (accept the esf team(
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    Advanced Tergeting system (melee combat)

    i really like the melee how it is now, but i got on problem, when i fight for example 3 other guys (3 vs 1) than i only can attack 1 at the time. i think it would be better, if you can swoop always (even without targeting) when you move your crosshair over an target you automatically target...
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    My Map

    pretty kewl map but only i think too much senzubeans
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    when killed you gain too much PL

    exactly what i ment i like the balancing and stuff but dont get more pl than the dude who kills you!
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    when killed you gain too much PL

    no no no at school we did 3 diffrent games and for example i killed the most people and i gain slowly PL (what is good) i made about 20 kills in a row and the othery guys pl was higher than mine, i like the balancing idea that's is excellent but if you die and your pl grows that much that suck
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    when killed you gain too much PL

    i was at school playing the new beta with 2 other ppl and we wore al diffrents ppl, goku,gohan (me :D) and vegeta or trunks. let say trunks has an PL of 18 million en Gohan has 17 million, and trunks kills Gohan than gohan got about 19 million PL en trunks maybe 18.2 pl. i love the beta...
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    A few more days :D

    in just a few more days the beta is coming, i'm already watching al my eps of DBZ again every action part (got all the eps :D of DB DBZ and DBGT) man i can't wait anymore ppl who are watching DBZ again cuz of the beta?