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    Future Gohan for 1.2.3

    Anyone still has the Future Gohan (the one presented in the history of trunks special) for 1.2.3 ? It was on ESF world if i remember but since its down... I could only find the future gohan for 1.3 . I Suppose it doesnt work with 1.2.3? (or if it does it might have glitchy animations?)
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    Router Problem

    I will start this by saying I am using a router as you probably guessed. I have 2 IPs. My Router IP and my external IP The problem is whenever I host a server no one can connect to it, no matter the IP they tried. I also tried with . So where is...
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    Ki Energy and Melee Improvements

    The first thing I dont like regarding this is that Ki Energy goes out all too fast. I know you can recharge it that fast too but still. What If every attack/swoop/etc would cost alot alot alot less? Like a full energy bar would hold out for like 3-4 minutes before running out/ (energy...