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    I need a 3d max tutorial for modeling a low poly character

    hi i write this for request a 3ds max 5 tutorial like this: but that the explain be will better. please, dont send me to because i dont understand the English spoken, I only understand the english writing...
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    the modeling technical on 3d smax

    hi i wnat know which is the modeling technical that you uses on 3d max because i want learn to do a dbz character greetings sinnick
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    Suggestion about the Model/Skin Forum

    Hi On Model/Skin forum, be will good that divide on subforum, one for skiner and other for Models.
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    I need a important question

    I have a important question I have a question: how can you use reference images to make models 3d when don?t be on front posision or side posision??????. because i see that you uses images that be on different posision that previous ones ahhh, I want improve my english, for this i give you...
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    what program you use??

    Hi. I am new modeling to objects 3d. I use the milkshape3d program but it has few options. For that reason I create this post, for answer you "what program you use??". My english is bad, I?m sorry. greetings sinnick
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    I need Help for modeling a DBZ character

    Hi. My name is Federico, my nick is Sinnick (mean WITHOUT NICK in english) I?m from Argentina. i?m sorry for my english for this i request you sendme messages on formal english (example: don?t put "U" for "YOU" please). I post this message to request help. I want starting to modeling on...