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    C++ Owns.

    I bought a 30 dollar book the other day and am starting to learn C++. I learned about #define if statements hmm cout and some other basic stuff. If Harsens or PcJoe would like to comment it would be cool. I'm going to make a program tonite with a basic text message lol. I was just wondering how...
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    New Years Eve tournament!

    Hi this is CCF. Post here if you would like to enter the tournament for new years eve. Here are the rules . Elimination 8 ppl if u hit the ground or get killed you lose. Server will be Called NEW Tourney 8 ppl ip Sign up here note 2 slots are taken up by me and one other clan...
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    Some of the hitboxes are too big is this a glitch?
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    Ok sry i'll read next time.
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    Sensu beans

    I can't seem to find them can someone help me. Also what maps are they in?:cry:
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    Dbz Tournament

    Hi I will be hosting a fun but competitive Dbz Tournament. For all those that would like to attend plz post here with a aim name or msn messanger name. The Server will have 8 slots passworded with adminmod. The I.P is Also It will have rules. If you want to suggest some post...
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    Server commands [Plz help]

    Hi I would like to know if anyone out there knows some of the server commands to change the ammount of pl you spawn with and other options like that. Thx
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    Mellee Tips [Plz help]

    Hi It would be great if you could share your mellee strategies. I'm a new player to this game I just got it yesterday and 90 %of my kills are melee 10% beams. Also my score always is like 2 10 i know it sucks but i'm new can you post some strats plz thx.
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    Hi i'm dling this mod at this very moment. I just want to know if the controls are pretty easy and are there plenty of servers. Thx